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  • Gardone Riviera – A place with history and charm
    • The project “Villa Eden – Gardone” offers a challenging group of individuals the rare opportunity to acquire a high-quality domicile at the first address of Lake Garda.
      The luxury resort, which was created by international star architects, consists of several villas, of which each represents a unique work, and a 6-star clubhouse with a restaurant in typical regional style and an elegant spa and wellness area. In addition to high-quality amenities and an unparalleled location, the project offers, above all, service of the exclusive kind as well. All these features make “Villa Eden – Gardone” an outstanding new residential complex for the discerning buyer.

    • Resort Villa Eden

  • Star Architects
      • International star architecture as a guarantee of exclusivity and luxury

        In the project „Villa Eden – Gardone“, several distinguished architects are responsible for the realisation of this resort: David Chipperfield, Richard Meier and Matteo Thun give the project a very special quality and exclusivity due to their exquisite and internationally recognised work.

        The high-quality landscape design, created by the internationally known and renowned garden designer Enzo Enea, represents a further highlight of the project: The entire property will be transformed into a park-like natural paradise on the slopes of Lake Garda with a little effort and imagination.

        The architects have managed to comply with an individual design of each of the luxury villas and to meet the high standards of future owners. In the representational project it is therefore not about a uniform residential area, but a homogeneous overall project with unique luxury villas as unique works. The project is gently embedded in the olive groves which are typical for the region. The complex, which is to be realised, consists of eight buildings and a Clubhouse – all with magnificent views of Lake Garda.

      •  Resort Star Architekten
  • Clubhouse
    • The Clubhouse with five design-apartments created by the Milanese star architect Matteo Thunin is in the centre of the overall ensemble. A wellness centre with spa, a beauty farm and a classy restaurant with an air-conditioned wine cellar also belong to the repertoire of this luxury Clubhouse. A library with „cigar room“ and a terrace with a breathtaking panorama complete the splendour and luxury of this complex.

    • resort clubhouse
  • Service & Security
    • The unique service facilities are particularly noteworthy:
      • 24-hour security
      • Gardener service
      • Cleaning and laundry service
      • Resort has its own concierge
      • Child care
      • Putting Green
      • Any future owner of a resort villa is not only guaranteed a high quality of living, but also the comforts of the service of a clubhouse with restaurant.

  • Impressions





The resort “Villa Eden – Gardone” is located on the south-western coast of Lake Garda, only about two minutes above the centre of Gardone Riviera. The 78,000 square meter large park-like property offers a perfect location for a top class luxury resort.
The proximity to a popular boatyard and to the two well known golf courses “Garda Golf” and “Bogliaco” increase the attractiveness of this highly sought after location.

Villa Eden Umgebung


The complex is located in a park of more than 78,000 square meters and consists of several villas, one Landmarkbuilding and the Clubhouse.

  • Area 78.000 m²
  • Units 16
  • Villas 7
  • Clubhouse 1
  • Apartments CH 5
  • Landmarkbuilding 4
  • Start of work Spring 2012


Here you can download the “Overview” brochure.


  • Clubhouse-Apartments
    • The clubhouse will be built at the entrance of the resort, on the lower part of the plot. On the ground floor a restaurant and a wellness and spa area will be realized.
      On the upper floors 5 apartments with living space of approximately 85 – 190 sqm will be built.
      Beneath the building there are several parking lots, which can also be used by restaurant visitors.
      Here you can download the “Clubhouse” brochure.


      Resort Clubhouse

  • Villa Chipperfield North
    • Following the overall design of pergola houses worldwide, we propose a sequence of closely staggered building units one behind the other for the villa. Their arrangement follows the topographical conditions and building regulations.
      Different long and high buildings occupied the slope and create the grandeur of the place corresponding to the ensemble.
      The entrance to the villa leads from the public road and leads into the pedestal-like front building where the garage and informal side entrance are housed. Integrated into this base structure, a large fl ight of steps leads via a two-storey pergola to the main entrance of the building. Stepping off the path, in varying form and position, sometimes facing the lake, sometimes averting the lake, the diversity of the unique landscape area unfolds to the resident.
      The two-story main body includes living, dining and kitchen area on the ground floor. A spacious entrance hall leads to the bedrooms above with a sublime view of the landscape. The underlying structure houses the master living area. This wing is accessed by a separate staircase. In the base of the building, side rooms are arranged.
      Analogous to Villa David Chipperfi eld, Ovest is a separate guest house with separate living and sleeping areas slightly down slope and marks the vastness of the area together with the west on a fl at landscape edge.
      Here you can download the “Villa Chipperfield North” brochure.


  • Villa Meier
    • The villa blends in a prominent location in the hilly landscape around the lake. Numerous outlets and views open onto the unique panorama of the lake, the surrounding mountains and the city. Spacious openings in the building shell connect the inner spatial landscape seamlessly with its environment while simultaneously filling the interior with light. Open connections between the levels continue the image of the terraced landscape in the interior and allow the constant relation to the slope of the site.
      The white shell of the villa is the canvas for the breathtaking spectacle of colour around Lake Garda – the clear blue summer sky, the lush green of the mountains or the delicate pink of the dawn.
      Here you can download the “Villa Richard Meier” brochure.


  • Villa Sphere North
    • The grounds of the villa, which is framed by the access road and the topography of the property, is very prominent and faces the public in connection with the club house. The place of construction, which is limited by a protected well system towards the west, is characterised by a free field of vision and its secluded outdoor area. Quasi lowered the building structure nestles into the slope, whereby the slope-side parts of the building obtain additional quality through an atrium. The position of the house also goes its own way. While the other villas in the area are distinguished by classical materials and position, the architects respond here with a self-conscious and very modern attitude. A position that is more reminiscent of loft apartments in the cities of the world and their urban context than the expected response for a building of its kind on the shores of Lake Garda.
      The design of the villa is based on this position to the smallest detail. The visitor or resident of this house will feel and look for the tension between the modernity of the house and the landscape at Lake Garda. Staying in the house becomes a very special experience.
      The building is only accessible by the underground garage. An underground car park reflecting the qualities of the living area and linking it to a space continuum. The transition from the naturally lit atrium through a parking garage to the living room is fluid. The cool materiality of the garage is continued in the living area and stands in deliberate contrast to materials.
      Following the underground car park the visitor reaches the spacious designed kitchen / dining area, which is designed as a front kitchen, which connects to a room with the living area and the spa. The resulting space continuum here becomes the great, spacious experience of space. As in a classic loft all public life happens in a room.
      The private areas upstairs, like eagles‘ nests, are connected to this spatial and functional continuum without having to give their private sphere.
      In order to keep the landscape and to avoid interventions, gardens are established very sparse and follow the character of the olive grove. Natural stone walls / plaster and typical local plants from the design model here.
      Here you can download the “Villa Sphere North” brochure.


  • Villa Sphere West
    • The plot of the villa is characterised by conditions on the north-south slope back running in the north south direction. The concept of the villa is totally designed to exploit this situation.
      The house appears landed or secluded. Place and house experience tension through the conscious experience of apparently different approaches Hence, the, villa receives very classic sequences in function and layout. In its formal shape this appears modern and fresh, while its materiality, in turn, allows references to the history of construction at Lake Garda. The construction of the building takes into account the topography, the use of outdoor facilities is limited to the built terraces which are directly connected to the rooms of the house. The building structure stretches along the slope back and uses the highly situated plots of land. This siting allows the desirable intimacy of the complex during simultaneous views of the entire lake.
      In order to obtain the character of the olive grove, no topographical changes are made. Pompous entrances or gates rich in gesture can be avoided. The building is accessible through the underground car park, stair tower and lift. The opening of the underground garage, which can accommodate parking space for 3 cars, is staged by lighting from above.
      The guest and fitness area is located on the way to the upper floors.
      The main level of the villa is characterised by the central terrace landscape with pool. The adjoining leisure area with spa area is located in south-west orientation. Protected on the hills, it allows the use of the villa following the path of the sun.
      The ensemble is framed by the spacious lobby in the development of the north and residence areas of housing and food, the fl oat as a bolt on the hillside to the east.
      The private sleeping rooms form, following the order of privacy, the conclusion to the top.
      Here you can download the “Villa Sphere West” brochure.
  • Villa Chipperfield West
    • Based on the general design of the building, this villa is also divided into different buildings, which create a rapid succession of exciting indoor and outdoor space staggered one behind the other.
      Due to the position of the staggered building across the slope, the villa benefits in particular from the exposed location at the top of mountain ridge and the direct distance views of Lake Garda.
      The dominant main building with the upstream two-storey pergola and terrace houses a spacious dining room and kitchen on the ground floor. On the 1st upper floor, the residential area, which is divided into three zones, has direct access to the swimming pool and spa area.
      The upstream one-storey building structure, which is in a southern direction below the main building structure, includes a number of bedrooms, living room and side rooms. A terrace is also attached here with a shady pergola.
      Another building structure, which is placed northwards in the slope, is separated from the main house by the swimming pool terrace. This part of the building, which a pergola is also presented to, serves as a spa and relaxation area. The garage is below these rooms with an informal entrance and side rooms. A spacious staircase connects the swimming pool terrace to the northern courtyard. The summer house, which is arranged on the flat terrace plateau, places the axial continuation of these steps downhill. The summer house is provided as a guest apartment, in a spacious relation to the main house.
      Here you can download the “Villa Chipperfield West” brochure.


  • Villa Sphere South
    • The villa is located in the western portion of the property in Gardone Riviera. The allocated plot is characterised by a protection-giving, rather densely wooded hollow, allowing the protected garden and outdoor areas and preventing the neighbourhood insights into this area. The building structure, which runs in an east-west direction, uses the entire length of the exposed location at the same time for the protection and ubiquitous view and panorama.
      The outdoor areas are linked to the living area with the construction, which is formed as a joint here, hovering over the outdoor living and dining areas like a protective canopy. The sleeping areas of the guests and the resident are under and above the landscape joint. The siting of the building structure allows the desirable alignment of the residents‘ bedrooms to the east. The sublime location of these rooms guarantees the intimacy of these rooms in the interior while preventing an insight into the leisure area with a lounge, garden and swimming pool.
      The leisure area, which is similar to a clearing, is secure and provides a spectacular view of the lake.
      The building is accessible through the underground car park, stair tower and lift. The opening of the underground garage, which can accommodate parking space for 3 cars, is staged by lighting from above. As a result, the guest area, the living level above it with well area moved to the west side and subsequently the living areas, as a highlight, are accessible by the mentioned measure.
      In order to keep the landscape and to avoid interventions, gardens are established very sparse following the character of the olive grove. Natural stone walls / plaster and typical local plants form the design model here.
      Here you can download the “Villa Sphere South” brochure.


  • Villa Matteo Thun
      The villa is located on the upper part of the exclusive complex, Villa Gardone Eden‚ and offers a stunning view of the panorama of the lake. The breathtaking scenery of the place, the calm, the Mediterranean vegetation and year-round mild climate makes it a unique oasis in an excellent location.
      Discreetly and elegantly the Villa is integrated with 500 square metres in the fascinating landscape of the area and it can hardly be seen due to its flat design. Generous glass fronts create a visual bridge to the lake and open onto the spacious terrace with the infi nity pool, which rises above Lake Garda. The light transparency of the architecture of the villa allows for a direct dialogue between interior and exterior.
      The main entrance of the villa is an exterior stone staircase. All floors of the villa can be reached by lift and also connected by a central staircase. The villa has two above ground and an underground floor designed in such a way that all the attributes of comfortable living can be optimally placed.
      The trapezoidal living area on the upper floor opens onto both sides by floor through floor-to-ceiling windows: In the front part, the view wanders to the beautiful panorama in the rear part in the olive grove. This room forms the centre from which you can reach the kitchen, next to the pantry, laterally and also experienced direct access to the family room. There is also space here for a cloakroom and a bathroom.
      The master bedroom and two guest rooms will be in the upper floor and are fitted with private bathroom, naturally ventilated and exposed.
      The lower floors are connected by a discreet staircase to the kitchen and provide easy access to storage and equipment rooms. The spacious rooms, wellness and gym area and a private wine cellar meet the highest standards of proportion and equipment, while the separate service apartment, the glass-enclosed elevator, and parking with three parking spaces guarantee maximum functionality. The villa is directed towards the north-south and opens mainly to the east and west. Thanks to the cut and the volume the building seems to almost fly.
    • Here you can download the “Villa Matteo Thun” brochure.

  • Overview
    • Services for developers

      Engel & Völkers Resorts is the expert for marketing and sales of real estate at luxury resorts worldwide. Our services for developers include customized marketing and sales concepts, with precise definition of the projects on the market and individual realization. We refer to the particularities of each resort and use a well-balanced mix of different marketing activities. For more details please see the menu items Marketing and Sales.


      Our development department offers optional consulting services for construction design and development. This includes for instance review and preparation of feasibility studies, market analyses and quality management for the resort. For more details please go to menu item Development.

  • Visit
    • Visitation

      Follow us to the Lake Garda and assure yourself of the uniqueness of Villa Eden and its exceptional location.


      We would be glad to organise an on-site visit and arrange your entire journey

      • Hotel reservation
      • Flight reservation
      • Transfers
      • Inspection of the villas
      • Upon request, we also prepare an interesting entertainment programme e.g. visit of restaurants, golfing, speed- or sailingboat tours, visit of the Casela Nature & Leisure Park and much more
  • Purchase
    • Our experts are there for you throughout the entire process of acquisition. They support you in all matters of real estate acquisition. Of course, Engel & Völkers Resorts provides all relevant information for you. Still we recommend that you let a legal counsel review the contracts and documents prior to signing them.

      Thanks to our many years of marketing and brokering of homes away from home, we can rely on excellent contacts and reliable local cooperation partners. We gladly liaise our customers with local banks, notaries, translators and interpreters.


      Our team prepares the entire acquisition process for you, to provide the maximum transparency right from the start. Acquisition of a home away from home takes several steps, some of them depend on the progress of construction works of the real estate and the resort.


      At first, the customer reserves the real estate and signs the pre-purchasing agreement approx. one month later. This pre-purchasing agreement rules the quality of the purchasing object, the payment terms, taxes, transfer costs and other ancillary purchasing costs, the date of transfer, equipment and other contractual items.


      The resorts Engel & Völkers markets are often so-called „Off-Plan-Projects“, where the real estate is not always complete at the date of acquisition. Therefore Engel & Völkers Resorts makes sure right from the start that the payment instalments are in line with the progress of the construction works and the purchaser has the highest possible security for his investment at all times.


      In the further process, Engel &Völkers Resorts gladly liaises you with local notaries and translators as required to make the entire acquisition process as easy as possible for you.

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