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The name “Hartbeespoort” means "pass of the hartbees" (a species of antelope), in Afrikaans.  The dam, with its spectacular scenery, unique villages and estates surrounding it, enjoys peaceful tranquillity and a picturesque countryside setting.  It is conveniently within close proximity to all modern day amenities and facilities, which is why “Harties” is widely referred to as “Close to the city, out of this world!”

Hartbeespoort features some of the most sought after residential and investment properties, catering for permanent residency as well as being a popular leisure destination.  Due to the warm climate and an abundance of tourism activities in the area, Hartbeespoort is perfect for weekend getaways from the cities nearby and also for international visitors.  The Pilansberg Game Reserve which offers “The Big 5”, as well as the Sun City Casino, Golf and Pleasure Resort, are also easily accessible from “Harties”, being less than an hour’s drive away.

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