Our vision linked to after sales service…

The importance of after sales service in real estate.

We link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the world, be it in private or a business context. With total passion.


With our vision in mind, Engel & Völkers sales advisors provide professional, individualised service.


Our sales advisors provide a platform of after sales service, ensuring key milestones needing to be achieved to get a successful registration of the property are met on time.


Very often there is more work which goes into a successful property transfer once the offer to purchase has been accepted and is in place.


The Engel & Völkers Port Elizabeth team is committed to excellence. Our clients benefit from expertise held in the fields of Financial Services, legal requirements for transfer, on the ground certificates and local municipality requirements. At Engel & Völkers, we pride ourselves on being an Real Estate Agency of distinction, differentiating ourselves from others in the industry by our excellent service and professionalism.


The superior quality of the properties represented by Engel & Völkers throughout the world reflects the performance of the company in achieving its position at the top end of the international property market making us your ideal partner.

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