Being an agent

Being an agentCareers in real estate are highly sought after, with a reputation for being fast-paced, fulfilling and in some cases, even glamorous. It’s a highly competitive career path, since as with most sales jobs, income depends upon the number of properties sold. For self-motivated, perseverant and sociable people it can be an immensely rewarding profession, so we’ve put together our E&V suggestions on how to set yourself up for success as a real estate agent.

Keep it personal

Chasing leads and listings and building up a portfolio of properties are the most important day-to-day tasks for real estate agents. Selling is directly at the heart of the agent role and it’s essential that you have the skills to not only source properties, but also to match them to the right people.

It’s important to be discerning: not every property will be suitable for every buyer. Closing the sale is more likely to happen if the customer is shown properties that suit their requirements and budget – even if they don’t go for anything in your initial selection, you need to prove that you’ve understood their needs. If the first properties you show them are either in the wrong area, out of their price range, or worse – both – they simply won’t trust your judgement, even if you later find something ideal. People use real estate agents for their expertise, so you’ll have to show a true understanding of individual needs and expectations as well as of the wider property market.

Service with a smile

In any sales role, it’s important to maintain good relationships with the clients and customers, but this is particularly crucial for agents working in the luxury property market. In more moderately priced markets, the sign of a successful sale is often that those residents then have no call for your services for decades, but at the elite end of the scale you’ll find customers who see property as an investment and want to build up a sizable international portfolio.

Follow up on all your sales, keep in touch via email and always be on the end of the phone to answer questions. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools, so ensure that even clients who don’t move home for the next 30 years receive such considerate service that they would recommend your help to their friends and colleagues.

Technology is your friend

The internet has been something of a mixed blessing for real estate agents, with customers now able to shop online for houses and often decide what they want before they even reach the agency’s door. However, technology also makes it easier for agents to do the important things: get leads, build listings and maintain relationships with clients. Eight out of ten agents in America currently use Facebook professionally, turning the world’s biggest social media site into an effective and wide-reaching advertising platform. Encouraging clients you’ve helped to post about their experiences could make all the difference to your reputation – or even secure your next job.

Work with the best

At Engel & Völkers we’re always looking for talented, motivated agents, and with offices and opportunities worldwide, you could be working in luxury real estate sooner than you think. For the latest vacancies, just visit our E&V career page.

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