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In the same way the past is moving, wavering between the vague lines separating history from legend, the life of Alaro has been built slowly, day by day, between the mountains and the plains. Harmoniously divided into two districts, each equipped with its own distinct personality – “The D’Amunt” – the mountain part, and “The D’Avall” -  more recent and modern, with many new buildings, the result of a major real-estate development, the village has succeeded to combine the spirit of the enchanting past with the modern influences coming from the nearby major cities like Palma and Inca. The memory of the castle of Alaro epic fight of Cabrit and Bassa, the noble heroes from the thirteenth-century, loyal to King James, who resisted until death the siege of the invader Alfonso II of Aragon, still hovering today over the streets of Raiguer, a little paradise that has become the residential choice of just over five thousand people .

The number of people chosen Alaro for their residence, opting for the variety of attractive real estate deals, both from the islands and the rest of Spain and even from abroad, has experienced recently a significant growth. Many of the houses in Alaro are inhabited by people who have decided to bid a farewell to their former life and are ready for a new beginning. Not surprisingly, acquiring a property in Alaro, whether a farm, a country house, a chalet or a modern apartment, grants you the link between past and present, transforming dreams into reality. As such, buying a house in Alaro is the ultimate winning bet.

Alaro is, above all, a village that lives and thrives due to its close relationship with the surrounding nature. Olive, almond, carob and fig trees are a predominant part of the village landscape, as well as the immense rugged lines of the neighboring Alaro and Alcadena peaks – beautiful contrasting views that the residents of Alaro enjoy daily.

Equally important to the welfare of the municipality is also its livestock, which has never ceased to be prolific – as a tribute to the village origins but sustained by modern conviction. Sheep, pig and goat farms of all sizes together with large poultry farms are some of the major providers to the welfare of the region.

But if there has been one activity for which Alaro has earned its name throughout the island,  that would be the shoe manufacturing. It is true that, unfortunately, little remains of the more than thirty factories that once worked at full capacity, but the entrepreneurial spirit remains alive among its people and allows, through thick and thin, this small sector of the economy to continue its existence as one of the village links to its past.

Between history and legend, the mountain and the plains, stands Alaro, in short, a true paradise that combines the best of both worlds.


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