Colour Your Home

iStock_000002153463SmallWe’ve already talked about curb appeal and the old adage that when it comes to real estate, first impressions really do count. Making sure you’ve mowed your lawn, manicured your shrubberies and removed toys and clutter from the front garden are some of the more obvious things this includes, but even exterior features you take completely for granted could be adding to – or detracting from – your home’s potential. The colour a house is painted will be one of the first things a buyer notices, so it’s important to make sure yours sets the right tone.

While you might have given your interior colour scheme a complete overhaul, all of your hard work can be let down by an off-putting exterior. Although few people have notably garish paint jobs, peeling corners, fading colours and even shades that clash with other houses on your street can all be instant negatives for prospective buyers. However, before you run out and buy a few cans of paint, you need to think carefully about how to maximise the appeal of a house in your specific area and price range.

White is statistically one of the most aesthetically pleasing colours, with over 40% of house hunters preferring homes in the colour. Although the white paint is likely to pick up dirt more quickly, the major benefit is that you have a full spectrum of accent colours to choose from. You’ll therefore be able to add some personal touches by painting your window frames and your front door in a more vibrant shade, without anything getting too overpowering.

Keeping bright colours reserved for finishing touches ensures that even if a buyer isn’t totally won over by your colour scheme, they’re unlikely to view it as an insurmountable problem. If a prospective owner likes the house overall but isn’t convinced by the bright red front door, they can easily fix that themselves after moving in.

Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, it’s really important that you get a professional to do the job. Painting the entire exterior of your house is a much bigger challenge than simply refreshing the interior, and it’s easy to get wrong. Experts will be able to authoritatively assess the right paint consistency and even the right day to begin. This may sound excessive, but rain, humid weather and strong winds can adversely affect the paintwork. For the best results, you’ll want to schedule the work for a time of year when it’s likely to be relatively overcast and mild.

As a crucial part of your home’s curb appeal, it’s never worth scrimping on an exterior paint job. Top quality paint may be pricier, but the difference it makes will be clearly visible in giving your home a bright, clean and welcoming facade. Finally, if you’re making these changes with the express aim of helping your property’s chances of success on the market, discuss them first with your real estate agent. As the local experts, they’ll be able to inform you on the houses in your area that have been the most popular with buyers, giving you a good example to follow when it comes to reinventing your home. Visit the official E&V website to find out more about how we could help you.