Corporate history

1977   Founding of the company Engel & Cie by Dirk C. Engel. Sale of American real estate to German investors in cooperation with Previews Inc.
1981   Christian Völkers becomes Managing Partner of Engel & Cie
1987   Renaming of the company from Engel & Cie to Engel & Völkers GmbH
1988   Founding of the Grund Genug publishing house and first publication of the architecture and lifestyle magazine “Grund Genug” (GG)
Expansion of the Residential division begins Founding of Engel & Völkers Gewerbe Immobilien GmbH
1990   Opening of the first Engel & Völkers office outside of Germany in Palma/Majorca
1996   Founding of the real estate academy
1998   Establishment of the Licence Partner model
1999   Founding of Engel & Völkers AG
2002   Introduction of the master licence concept
2004   Founding of the new “Projektmarketing International” division (now known as “Resorts”)
2006   Large-scale expansion of the Commercial business division
2007   Founding of the consultancy company Engel & Völkers Advisory GmbH
Opening of the 300th office worldwide
Founding of the Private Office in London
2008   Founding of the new division Yachting
Foundation of Engel & Völkers Charity
Start of the international expansion of the Commercial division: Opening of international commercial offices in Prague, Lisbon and Doha
2009   Opening of the 400th office worldwide
Founding of the Capital AG
Engel & Völkers wins first place in the “Maklerranking” of the “immobilien manager” magazine
Founding of the Engel & Völkers Development GmbH
2010   Opening of first shops in Uruguay and Sweden
Opening of first shop in Australia, Engel & Völkers now operational on five continents
Engel & Völkers again wins first place in the “Maklerranking” of the “immobilien manager”
2012   The European Society for Real Estate Brand Observation (EUGIMB) names Engel & Völkers as Germany’s most valuable property brand in the category “Property broker”.
Opening of the 500th office worldwide

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