Digital detox vacations

PlayaIn today’s online world, spending any length of time away from electronic devices has become increasingly difficult. These virtual necessities have become so alluring that a recent survey found that Britain’s population spends an average of nine hours a day staring at screens. Although dedication to the job is admirable, once you’re on holiday it’s important to activate your ‘out of office’ email response and enjoy a complete detox from the digital world. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of top three destinations where you can really get away from it all.

Hong Kong
Despite the non-stop pace and high population density of this modern metropolis, Hong Kong hides a surprising haven away from the digital world. Steer away from the skyscrapers towards the western periphery of Lantau Island, where you’ll find one of Hong Kong’s last surviving fishing villages: Tai O.

Nicknamed ‘the Venice of Hong Kong,’ this small settlement is the polar opposite of its rapidly expanding neighbour. Boat trips along the canal system pass by traditional waterfront stilt houses and shanties, while voyagers heading further out to sea are likely to spot the famous Chinese White Dolphins. The combination of tranquil days spent sailing and evenings dining in the vibrant village ensure that you’ll be far too busy exploring to waste time searching for Wi-Fi.

Turkey may be one of the fastest growing online markets in Europe, but its much-loved Turquoise Coast and active yachting community make this a great place to disconnect. Unlike hotels and villas, the peaceful isolation that comes with being far out at sea creates an intensely effective digital detox environment, especially since you’re unlikely to have much signal in the middle of the Mediterranean.

When it’s time to lay anchor for a while, stop off at coastal sights like the İç Kale citadel and Byzantine church at the beach resort of Alanya. The well-preserved ruins and idyllic beach setting are enchantingly reminiscent of a bygone era, well before internet dependency. If you’re still struggling to switch off, try visiting the nearby dripstone cave, considered for hundreds of years to have beneficial health properties thanks to its warmth and high humidity levels.

Dominican Republic
With research indicating that one third of digital detox holidays end in failure, sometimes drastic measures are required to really get away from it all. For complete internet junkies, the Dominican Republic’s Costa del Coco, or “Coconut Coast,” is filled with miles of white beaches and reef-protected placid waters that are guaranteed to distract you. You can practise kite boarding and wind surfing in the azure waters of the Playa Blanca, a picture-perfect stretch of sand, or venture into the Dominican Alps to hike through national parks and dramatic waterfalls.

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