Coming from Montevideo via Interbalnearia route you will find beautiful sand strips surrounding high rise buildings. You will also see the beaches which will be making you feel that you are arriving to the paradise. Boats and yatchs, tourists doing windsurf or just swimming, kids playing soccer at the beach, all of this you will see once you arrive, but you will need to drive a little bit more to be at the peninsula itself.


It divides the sea in two different kind of beaches: the Mansa and the Brava. The first one has calm waters, soft waves and it is ideal for the ones who like to enjoy windsurfing and swimming. It is also perfect for families because is a safe beach for kids.


The Brava beach is for the ones who love adrenaline. Ideal for surfers, you can find there the most fantastic waves and the most beautiful people. Being a piece of land which is surrounded by the sea, the levels of ozone and iodine are important.Sun protection is recomended. Coming from the west you will find Chihuahua, the first Nudist beach of Uruguay. Next to it you have Solanas, a beautiful beach with an acuatic park included. Las Grutas, which, even though is a beach located at the Mansa side, has beautiful waves and is surrounding by rocks. Next to this beach you will find the Mansa itself which goes until Parada 1, at the peninsula.


At Brava beach there are many little beaches where every year the young people goes and transform it in the “must-go beach”. Is the case of Bikini, Manatiales or Montoya beaches located at La Barra.


Many hotels are available to host the tourists, and one the most important caracteristic is that there are different kind of them, always ready to make you feel like your vacations will be unforgettable. The hotel and the real estate industries in Punta del Este have a capacity equivalent to a hotel with 100000 beds with services that are constantly growing. At night many different activities are available.


Musical events, disco-clubs, casinos and cinemas offer endless possibilities to make you go out until the sunrise. For gourmets there is a wide range of international and traditional food restaurants that open their doors to show their art.


Punta del Este is growing fast today. There are important real estate investments combining the beauty of the beach and the confort of the progress. It has been done an important investment to make the routes available to go everywhere faster and safe. The double-bridge which connect Brava beach with La Barra has made easier the circulation at night. Years ago it would take more than an hour to get to La Barra. Today, in less than 15 minutes you can get there and enjoy its lively nightlife. Every year La Barra grows and changes. It is the place tourists used to choose to have a calm and peaceful vacation. Today is a place with an intense nightlife, full of bars, disco-clubs and restaurants. Its houses have changed too. Now they have been converted in colorful and sophisticated ones.


The port of Punta del Este is another classic. One of the not only tourists´ favourites strolls , but also the Maldonado citizens one, it has been transformed in a beatiful walking deck. It is almost 4 mts wide and allows the access to the Mansa beach.


Roosevelt avenue is one of the avenues which connect Maldonado city with Punta del Este. This avenue is itself a big commercial center where you can find supermarkets, drugstores, and the Punta del Este Shopping Mall.


Bicycle riders can do it through the avenue wich has special paths to do it. All of this and more make of Punta del Este an extraordinary destination for your vacation.

Its beaches, bars, cinemas, sport events and more give everybody the possibility to enjoy life to the fullest. Welcome to Punta del Este!

(Source: www.puntadeleste.com)

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