Engel & Völkers Lake Zurich Thalwil

A high quality of life and optimum investment opportunities

Engel & Völkers Lake Zurich Thalwil. A high quality of life and optimum investment opportunities


Exclusive living with an urban flair and rural character at the same time, close to the city of Zurich and the many local recreation areas and winter sports regions characterize the left-hand side of Lake Zurich. The prospect of residing close to the city and yet amidst natural surroundings and near the water contributes to the attractiveness of the property market in the entire region. The banks on this side of Lake Zurich are affectionately known by its residents as the “Platinum Coast”, as a take on the “Gold Coast” on the opposite side. The advantages of the location and the high quality of life are coupled with other attractive reasons for investment such as the political and economic stability in Switzerland and moderate taxation rates.
Prestigious real estate along the left-hand side of Lake Zurich is of interest both to private owners and investors. Despite a challenging economic situation and increasing bank regulation, real estate prices are stable. Due to the scarcity of land in the region, it remains a solid and attractive long term investment. The most desirable locations for an exclusive property are close to the lake itself in Kilchberg, Rüschlikon and Oberrieden. Buyers of high-grade freehold apartments and houses here should expect to pay up to 15,000 euros (approx. 12,700 pounds) per square metre. For the very best homes where everything fits the bill in terms of the micro-location and quality standard, top prices per square metre of up to 30,000 euros (approx. 25,400 pounds) are being witnessed. Exclusive new developments on the banks of the lake are particularly desirable, offering breath-taking outlooks over the water. A good infrastructure and a peaceful location are important criteria for many clients when deciding whether to purchase.

Approximately half of buyers are from abroad. Germans, Brits, US Americans and occasionally Chinese, Indians and buyers from the Middle East all have confidence in the potential for value appreciation of exclusive real estate on the left-hand bank of Lake Zurich.

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