Engel & Völkers opens Shop on Ischia

IMG_3688When it comes to idyllic Italian experiences, Capri is unsurpassed. There are a couple things that must be seen when visiting Capri. Beyond great landscape you will find innumerable treasures. The partially submerged Blue Grotto, Friedrich Alfred Krupp’s beautifully restored Gardens of Augustus and Axel Munthe’s Villa San Michele with its wonderful gardens and famous guests is a must see for those wishing to experience some of Capri’s glorious past.

Residents of Capri are passionate about food and drinks, which is prepared without any rushing, but with a fierce sense of tradition. Restaurants such as La Savardina, set in a beautiful orchard, offer sweeping views over the landscape. The Lido del Faro not only serves great food, but also offers to its visitors a natural pool built into the rocks overlooking the water and all day sunbathing.

For the past several decades it has been illegal to construct any new property on the island or to renovate and add any square footage to existing properties. Although Capri is quite small its many important archeological sites and rugged landscape have long made modern construction almost impossible, and thus beautifully preserving Capri’s historic Mediterranean charm and stunning landscape. The amount of property available on the island is very limited. Property values are constantly going up because of the large demand for land and Capri’s limited supply. Quite nicely for you it creates a fantastic environment for those looking to see their assets grow safely. The legal process to purchase a property is relatively easy, and taxes are quite low. Foreign buyers are required to get an Italian tax identification number through the Italian Embassy. If the buyer is a citizen in a European Union country then the whole process often only takes one day. Although a request from a non-EU country citizen will take several months to process, you can still purchase the house while waiting to receive your Tax ID. It is not necessary to use a lawyer when purchasing your property, and the vast majority of people don’t. Notary fees do range between 0,5 and 1 percent of the purchase price; transfer taxes are based on the assessed, not market, value of the property and are often quite low. The price per square meter on the island varies dramatically depending on the location and history of both the property and area, but you can easily find properties at almost every price level.

Whether you arrive by ferry, private yacht, or helicopter Capri opens her arms to welcome you. There is so much to do and experience. Owning a car on the island is a rarity, buildings have been preserved for two millennia, historic gardens, beautiful paths, craggy cliffs and azure water just add to the adventure of the island. We look forward to seeing you here! 



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