Estate market at the Costa Smeralda

Market situation for single area

The region is the entire Costa Smeralda, a niche reality that since its realisation at the end of the sixties has been chosen by a national and international really high level clientele. The Costa Smeralda has some sub markets that differ from each other both for market values, then for properties’ intrinsic and extrinsic qualities. Indeed, price and value confront often with some aged properties nearly outdated or, with some newly built, otherwise with estates close to the beach. Average price per square meter for each type of property on sale, (or a price range).

Being the Costa Smeralda a niche market, the Porto Cervo real estate marketplace differs and is characterized as the place with the highest prices in Italy. An apartment in the Passeggiata (the heart of Porto Cervo), varies from € 9.000 to € 13.000 per square meter, while villas with sea view have prices that raise up from € 15.000 to € 27.000 per square meter, depending on the position ( directly on the sea or with private beach and pier), views and landscape, privacy and architectural style.

The villas with direct access to the beach or with private one, are a market on their own.

Researched Properties typology for each market and types of purchasers

The most wanted category of properties is the single villa, close to the sea, with ample garden and swimming pool that has prices around 2 and 4 millions of euros.

In Costa Smeralda the added value is given by:

1. position, close to the beach or with sea view

2. Architectural style, usually is preferred a restored or modernized house

3. privacy

4. Wide garden with swimming pool

The most required properties are:

1. all the apartments which are a good and secure investment, that have an excellent price-value relation

2. Small villas with price around 2 and 4 million euros, with the features listed above.

Furthermore, it is good to remember that the Porto Cervo real estate market lives thanks to another client’s category: the investors, with the aim to buy and resell. This specific kind of customers is really interesting for the real estate agencies since, after have bought a property, they will resell it by an agency, with a double priced value.

Therefore, the investors are really good sources the properties acquisitions, in addition to be potential buyers. The capacity and the market strength of a real estate agency are given by the number of active and loyal investors in the portfolio.

In Costa Smeralda, the customers are almost Italian, regarding the market with prices from € 500.000 to 6 millions euros. There still is an active clientele of buyers coming from Eastern Europe, especially from Russia, Czech Republic and also from the Arab countries, for really expensive and exclusive properties.

The foreign clients coming from eastern Europe looks for the most prestigious properties, instead the European customers is more interested in apartments in Porto Cervo, villas with sea view and, lately to country houses, in the area around Costa Smeralda, but absolutely with sea view.

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