E&V Porto Cervo sponsors readings

Sardinia: E&V Porto Cervo sponsors readings to mark the “Campiello” Prize for Literature

Villa valued at 6.5 million Euros already on the books

On 19 and 20 July E&V Porto Cervo organised and sponsored readings to mark the 46th “Campiello” Italian Prize for Literature. The event was co-sponsored by VW: the aim of both sponsors was to increase their brand recognition in Italy. On 20 July E&V Porto Cervo was able to add a villa worth an estimated 6.5 million Euros to its portfolio.


The Porto Cervo shop borders directly on the “Piazza degli Archi” in the heart of this port town and this is where the readings took place each evening at 7.30. In preparation for the event members of staff from the E&V Porto Cervo shop had filled the Piazza with elegant decorations. Display boards showed Sardinia’s beaches, yachts and high quality property and all carried the E&V logo. The E&V branding was highly visible without being intrusive and was kept as discreet as possible in order to appeal to the discerning target market.


This carefully targeted approach seems to have paid off for E&V Porto Cervo, as the response to the sponsorship was better than expected. Alongside the acquisition of a 6.5 million Euro villa on the evening of 20 July, on Monday, 21 July many owners were invited into the shop on the “Piazza degli Archi” and given detailed information about the marketing strategy of E&V. A great many potential buyers also came into the shop and one of them is now in the process of negotiating the purchase of a villa from the E&V Porto Cervo portfolio. As if that was not enough, Head of Real Estate Simona Invernizzi from Master Licence Italy came and spoke with potential E&V licence partners. She was able to provide these interested parties with comprehensive information.


The “Campiello” Prize for Literature is a high profile award within Italy and has been awarded every year since 1962. This presentation to this year’s winner will take place in Venice on 30 August.

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