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Port Aventura Park

aventura park

Port Aventura is a theme park and a resort  on the Costa Daurada, It attracts around 3 million visitors per year making it the most visited theme park in Spain. PortAventura Park is also the 6th most visited theme park in Europe.The resort also includes PortAventura Aquatic Park and four hotels. It is the biggest resort in the south of Europe.



Mediterrània is the main entrance area of the park – it only features two rides but there are several restaurants and shops reproducing a typical coastal town in Catalonia. During the months of July and August, the lake is the site of FiestAventura, a show featuring fireworks and floats representing each of PortAventura’s 4 other “worlds”. The park integrated Aquamusic into the FiestAventura show and has improved the overall performance by bringing back the floats and pyrotechnics.

The rides are:

Furius Baco – An Accelerator coaster with winged seating,. It has a top speed of 83.9 mph (135 km/h) and is the fastest roller coaster in Europe.

Far West

Themed as an old wild west town, this area features many western buildings and sculptures. The area boasts 9 attractions which makes it the biggest area in the park. Other attractions in this area includes a wild west version of Tea cups and Dodgems.

The area is also home to these thrill rides:

Stampida – This dueling Wooden roller coaster is the third largest roller coaster in the park.

Tomahawk – A junior version of Stampida and which runs parallel to it.

Silver River Flume – A traditional Water flume in the Far West.

Grand Canyon Rapids – A whitewater “tub raft” adventure along the Grand Canyon.there are also water cannons next to this ride, which allow guests to squirt people on the rides


In some ways similar to the Far West area, this area however is somewhat more thrilling than the others in the park. It is themed around Mayan Mexico.

The main attractions include:

Hurakan Condor – An drop tower ride operated by a cable lift, the ride provides a large view at the top before riders are sent to free fall to the bottom of the ride. This ride is one of the tallest in the world at 330 ft and is sometimes labelled as the greatest due to the tilting seats.

El Diablo-Tren de la Mina – An  mine train which features various tunnels and helixs and 3 chain-lift hills.


China is one of the biggest theme lands of the park. The main path through the area is themed in the same style as the Great Wall of China.

The rides are:

Dragon Khan – with 8 inversions this is one of the most thrilling rides in Europe and formerly held the record as having more inversions than any other roller coaster. It also held the world record for the tallest vertical loop on any roller-coaster. It consistently ranks among one of the world’s best roller coasters in polls.

Shambhala – Expedición al Himalaya, this B&M roller coaster is the fastest (134 km/h), and the tallest hyper coaster in Europe. It is 76 m tall and has a 78 m drop (2 m underground).


Polynesia area.

The Polynesian area is different from the other rides in the park as it is a more laid back area with less thrilling rides. Polynesia is home to 2 shows and a few attractions. Polynesia is one of the smallest themed areas.

The two main rides in the area are:

Tutuki splash – A water ride on an erupting volcano, riders experience being shot out of a volcano in a flume style boat.

Sea Odyssey – One of the most unique rides at the park a dynamic cinema themed as a submarine and taken on a journey to the bottom of the ocean. Surround sound and motion platforms give an unusual experience to the ride.

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