All eyes on Tuscany: interior design

TuscanyFrom the renaissance buildings of Florence to the rolling countryside of Chianti, Tuscany’s natural splendours have always attracted universal praise. For investors in Tuscan real estate, however, the region’s traditional interior design is equally captivating. When it comes to property, having a beautiful interior is just as important as an enticing exterior. The simple ideas behind Tuscan interior design could just be exactly what you need to transform your property into something special – whether you live in a remodelled Italian farmhouse or a sprawling American city penthouse!

Tuscan style is characterised by its rustic warmth, and this can be brought out through the use of a few key features such as terracotta tiling, wrought iron accents, and detailed paintings. The colour palette is unpretentious, inspired by the earthy tones of the region’s famous countryside. Burnt orange, olive green and aqua are all important shades to look for when selecting textiles for a Tuscan inspired room.

Simplicity is another core value – especially when it comes to furniture, which should be chosen with the space in mind. Slouchy, oversized armchairs are out of place in a Tuscan home: it’s all about balance, choosing furnishings that will complement a room rather than dominate it. Pieces made from iron and hardwood, accented by leather and marble, are perfect. Hard surfaces can be softened with colourful throw cushions and runners.

Bare stone walls in spacious rooms should be plastered and painted in warm colours like deep burgundy or burnt orange. In smaller rooms, walls should be kept light in order to maintain an airy, open atmosphere: butter yellow works well in bathrooms and pantries. Darker colours can be added to an accent wall for a modern take on the traditional style.

The accent wall can then be accessorised, perhaps with a hardwood mantelpiece, some cast iron candlesticks, and a large gilt framed mirror. Accessories are one of the most important components of any interior design project, so even if you can’t repaint your home, you can get a Tuscan feel by carefully selecting your wall art and ornaments. Particularly evocative items include classic ceramic vases, earthenware, and glazed crockery.

Tuscany includes among its sons some of the world’s most famous artists, including Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, so it makes sense that artwork is a core component of Tuscan design. Mosaics and Trompe-l’œil paintings are a perfect addition to any Italian room. An authentic Renaissance painting might come at too high a price, but the region is still full of talented artists just waiting to be discovered.

Tiled flooring is a welcome relief in a Mediterranean country like Italy, but those who are decorating a home in a colder climate can add warmth by covering it with antique rugs in the traditional Tuscan colours. Plain rugs should be avoided: instead, choose one with a traditional and intricate pattern.

If you decide a themed home isn’t enough and want to upgrade to an authentic Tuscan property, Engel & Völkers have offices all around the country to help you make that move. This beautiful Italian region is a prime location for foreign property ownership, with history, culture, and fabulous views attracting investors from far and wide. With our help, we can make sure your search ends in a successful and happy sale.

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