FAQ’s – Before you make an Offer

Before making an offer on your dream home, there’s something very important to take care of first: check your credit rating with the 2 biggest credit bureaux – Transunion ITC and Experian. You may be shocked to find that you have a (possibly erroneous) Judgement against you, or that your credit is not as great as you thought it was.

If this is the case, don’t go off the deep end. Remember that you are dealing with bureaucracy here. Contact the relevant creditor to find out how to rectify this. It may take more than a month or so, but it needs to be resolved before you do anything else. If necessary, use the ombudsman to resolve the matter.

Given that this exercise may take time, do this well before you go property hunting, because once you’ve made a offer on your home, you could risk the deal lapsing if you cannot raise the finance within the stipulated timeframe.

Download our FAQ document to find the most common hurdles associated with buying/selling property.

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