Fethiye is known as Telmessos in the antique period, and the most important city of LYCIA -one of the oldest Anatolian Civilisations- reaches far back to 5th century BC.

In 1934, the city was renamed as FETHIYE in honor of Fethi Bey, a martyr pilot of the Turkish War of Independence.

An interesting peculiarity of the ancient city is the fame of its oracles. The oracles of Telmessos, devoted to Apollo, have had great impact on the course of ancient history.

It is one of Turkey’s well-known tourist centres and is especially prized during the summer.

In the last ten years Fethiye has become a magnet for British citizens. Apart from its climate and natural beauty, the Britons are attracted by its less expensive lifestyle and the hospitality of the local people. The British population in Turkey is between 34,000 and 38,000. As a result of the large British population and the high numbers of Britons going there for holiday, Fethiye-Öludeniz was chosen as the best tourism centre in the world by The Times and The Guardian newspapers in 2007. Over 7,000 British citizens permanently live in Fethiye, while approximately 600,000 British tourists visit the town every summer.

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