What does a good real estate agent do?

Businesswoman Presentation --- Image by © CorbisWhether you’re selling up or looking to make a new addition to your property portfolio, choosing the right real estate agent for your needs is the crucial first step towards that all-important transaction. With so many different agents and agencies out there, it can feel like a difficult decision to have to make, especially for first-time sellers or those venturing into foreign property investments. Not all agents are created equal, so we’ve put together our Engel & Völkers guide on what to look out for when meeting and working with your real estate representative.

First of all, if you’re selling your home and invite several different estate agents to openly compete for the same listing, then there’s every possibility that you might be offered prices that don’t accurately represent your property. This leaves you as open to all kinds of problems and issues when it comes to actually selling, and risks you under or overvaluing your own home. To avoid this, you should visit several agents privately and find out everything you can about their background. Once you’ve decided which ones you’d be comfortable working with, then you can invite them to put a price on your property.
Although you should be wary of agents that offer prices outside your expectations, it’s worth checking whether they can rationally justify their estimate based on changing market values or particular design features. This means that although other recently sold houses on your street may give you a ballpark figure, it’s also important to bear in mind that there could be any number of factors placing your home in a different price bracket.

Hiring a fantastic agent also means that you should be able to expect them to offer you advice when it comes to preparing your home to be opened to the public. You should reasonably expect your agent to have the contact details of all the myriad professionals required to get a house on or off the market, from a good interior designer to a window cleaner. Although your agent won’t be responsible for arranging for this work to be done, they should be able to advise and facilitate making it all happen.

Beware of any agents who are unwilling to guarantee access to everyone who’s interested in the property. Your agent will agree exact terms with you beforehand, but you should expect them to require access to your home even when you’re not there, so that potential buyers can be shown round at a time that’s reasonable and convenient for them. A good agent will also make sure that they’re on hand to admit people like structural inspectors and appraisers without causing any fuss. If for any reason you’re uncomfortable with any part of this, it should all be covered when you agree the terms, so make sure you have an agent who is prepared to take your considerations on board.

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