Cittadella also known as The Citadel lies in the heart of Victoria Gozo and is a historic fortified city or castle. The Citadella is on Malta’s tentative list of future World Heritage Sites by UNESCO who describes this lovely place as a small fortified town. The area is known for having been the first fortified during the Bronze Age around 1500 BC. It was then later developed by the Phoenicians and then continued by the Romans. The old Prisons within this area is now the Courts of Justice.

Fontana is a small village with a population of 1000 people. The name originated from the suburb from Victoria. Its local name is the way to the spring and it took this name from the spring at the bottom of the main road. The lower part of the village main road takes you onto Xlendi and there one can see the lovely Lunzjata Valley. Local farmers are busy around all year round with this lovely fertile land.

The name of this village means peaceful spring. It is located in the southeastern coast of the island of Gozo and has a population of 3200. This is the first main village when one comes to the islands after leaving the port of Mgarr. Its name originated from the water spring around which in 1700 Grandmaster Perellos, who built an arcade containing public washbasins and fresh water spouts. Attractions include Lourdes Chapel with its sharp steeple and underlying niche of Our Lady of Lourdes, Fort Chambray and the towering of Ghajnsielem Parish Church.

Located on the wertern point of the islands of Gozo, with a small population of 1500, this little town started with small hamlet centuries ago. The ancient roots are still visible in the centre of the village where some houses have very fine examples of decorated stone balconies. Gharb was created as a small parish in 1679 with the new baroque church.

A village in the western part of the island of Gozo, with a small population of only 500, this is the smallest village of Gozo and the third smallest on the islands of Malta, after Mdina and Bidnija. This village lies between the hills of Zebbug and Ghammar. The name comes from Arabic origins an area where olives were crushed for oil. A lighthouse on the hill dominates Ghasri. This famous lighthouse rises to 180m above sea level. The church of Ghasri as designed by the local priest Dun Guzepp Diacono, and was built in the twentieth century. It was built I 1903 and was dedicated to Corpus Christi.

Comino known in Maltese as Kemmuna, is an island between the islands of Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean sea measuring approximately 1.35 square miles in an area known as cumin seed that once flourished on the islands. This islaned is known for its tranquillity and isolation with a permanent population of only 4 persons. A policeman and a Priest commute daily to render their services to the local population during the summertime as the island of Comino is very popular during this time. Today Cominio is popular is a bird sanctuary and a nature reserve.

One of the larger villages on the island of Gozo, Kercem has a population of 1900 people. This village is located close to the south west of the main capital Victoria and is spread between the valley and the hills stretching to the cliffs in Xlendi.

The harbour town at the east end of the islands of Gozo. This town caters for all incoming out outgoing persons from the islands of Gozo. The ferry services have been around for a long time with the breakwater constructed in 1841. A larger breakwater was constructed in 1929 and two more in 1969 whilst expanding the port to 121,400 square meters. The terminal was rebuilt in 2001 and took 7 years to finish. The harbour now has facilities for around 600 passengers and 200 cars. The design of the new harbour was changed during the construction process to reduce its visual impact on the surrounding landscape.

A village which lies on the sourthern side of the islands of Gozo close to the village Sannat. A small village with a population of 1000.The name Munxar means bucksaw, and the teeth of the saw are represented in the village flag. Close by the village there is Xlendi Bay, a popular resort with tourists which hosts a small fishing village, lovely hotels and restaurants.

The village name means lookout Throughout history this village played an important role in the defense of the islands. During the reign of the Knights of St John, a watch tower was built by the Grand Master Nicholas Cotoner. The village has a population of 5000 which makes it the second largest village in Gozo after the town Victoria.


A village with 1600 inhabitants, a village that has been inhabited since early times. The village is the farthest village from the Capital Victoria and is the closest to the islands of Malta with unobstructed views of Comino. Breath taking views from the Belvedere and from the small courtyard in front of the church known as Il-Madonna tal-Blat (Saint Mary of the Rocks) can be enjoyed. This church faces Comino and legend has it that it was built so that the people of that island could follow Holy Mass from across the straits when rough weather precluded a priest from crossing there.

Rabat (Victoria)
The capital city of Gozo, this town has a population of 6400 and the largerst town in Gozo. The name Victoria was the name given in 1897 by the British government on the occasion of the Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee at the request of the Bishop of Malta, Mons. Sir Piertro Pace. The Gozitans still often refer to is by its old name Rabat.

This town is home to the Ggantia megaliths and the Xaghra Stone Circle as well as the underground features of the Xerri Grotto and Ninu’s cave. This is the second largest village with a population of 4200 inhabitants.

This village is situated between Ghajnsielem and the capital Rabat, Victoria. The name came from the Maltese word Xewk which means thorns or Thistles.

A small village which is located just northwest of the island on a hilltop overlooking the coast and is close to the town named Gharb. The population in this village is 1700. The name of the village means olives. The village today is well known for its lacework and beautiful coastal spots

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