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Years of selling luxury properties has given us a true understanding of what makes a house a home.

We know how to transform beautiful structures into amazing city pads, rambling family mansions and every lifestyle choice in between. We respect our client’s expectations and understand their needs. Providing clients with every conceivable necessity, amenity, or design, our Home Service gives the confidence that our tried and tested suppliers and craftsmen will not only deliver what you want, when you want it, but to a standard that surpasses your wildest dreams.

Our service isn’t just about handing over the keys. We understand your lifestyle and have everything from bespoke packages for smaller apartments, handmade furniture designed by the world’s best, and full interior and exterior design solutions for every type of home.

Regardless of the style you seek, what colours you favour, how large your property is or even what taste you have, our Home Service will create, supply and install interiors to suit your unique specifications offering you a wide variety of skills in design, supply and installation, including remodeling for those who want a turnkey operation to designing kitchens, bathrooms, interior and exterior.


Joaquin Torres

Tel: +34 917 997 984
Fax: +34 917 997 985

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Jeev Arquitectura.

Joan Enric Ejarque

Tel: 93 544 18 22
Fax: 93 589 23 30

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Criteri Interior

Carles Alconchel.

Tel: +34 93 58 39 935
Fax: +34 93 58 39 936
mov: +34 665 90 26 98


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Coblonal Arquitectura

Joan Llongueras

Tel: +34 93 218 09 99
Fax: +34 93 415 29 99

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