International Schools in Castelldefels – Gava Beach & Near Barcelona.

The International school in Castelldefels – Gava Beach & near Barcelona are well known all over the region. There is International Schools like British School of Barcelona or Lycée Français de Gava Bon Soleil which are two of the most prestigious International Schools in Barcelona & near the Beach. Upon that the close proximity to the International schools in Barcelona area, with school bus service to Gavá and Castelldefels makes this an extremely convenient area for international families looking to relocate or establish their home in Barcelona. For these reasons, Castelldefels and Gava Mar real estate remains a good long term property investment.

Also CTAE has become a reference in our region, The Aerospace Research & Technology Centre, is a non-profit private foundation, aiming to promote innovation and enhance industrial competitiveness. The main activity of CTAE is the research and development of aerospace technologies.



Education in Catalunya

Education in Spain is compulsory from ages 6-16.
 The educational system in Catalunya includes three types of schools and four main levels.

The three types of school are:

Publico (State) – these schools are free
Privado (Private) – these schools do not receive any funding, and include international schools.
Concertado (Semi-private) – these schools receive state grants and are significantly cheaper than private schools.

3-6 Infant education (Educación Infantil)
Infant education is not obligatory, although over 90% of children of three and over do attend school. The timetable is usually 9-12.30 with a break for lunch, then 3.30-4.30. Some schools may allow children to attend mornings only during the first year. Much of the time will be spent playing, although reading and writing is introduced at around four years.

6-12 Primary education (Educación primaria)

Primary education is divided into three cycles, each lasting two-years. The curriculum offers a wide range of subjects, including English. There are no official exams as such, but a child may be held back for a year if they have not kept up with the rest of the class.

12-16 Secondary education (Educación secundaria obligatoria – ESO)

ESO is dvided into two cycles of two years. Children are taught in mixed ability classes and must repeat years if they haven’t progressed enough.

16-18 Bachillerato

The two-year Bachillerato is non-compulsory. There are five types of Bachillerato: Arts, Natural and Health Sciences, Science and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities. Examinations are taken in the May of the second year. Those students wishing to go on to Higher Education take a general university entrance exam in June. The result of this exam along with their Bachillerato result will determine which university course they are able to enrol on.


Nursery School- Gimbebé

Llançá, 3 08850 Gavà

Telf: (+34) 936 331 238

Visit Gimbebé








International Schools in Castelldefels – Gava near the Beach.

- The British School of Barcelona
Recently taken over by the Cognita group chaired by the highly respected former UK Inspector of Schools Chris Woodhead, The British School is from 3 to 18 years and follows the UK curriculum. Spanish is introduced at 4 years and Catalan at age 5. Located  in Castelldelfels, near the beach.

Calle Ginesta. 23 Castelldefels 08860Telf: (+34) 93 665 15 84

Visit The British School of Barcelona 

- Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil


Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil. The school follows the French education system with English, Spanish and Catalan as secondary languages. Founded in 1969, there are currently 1080 pupils in the school and 71 members of staff. Near the Beach.

Camí de la Pava, num. 15 Gava 08850

Telf: (+34) 93 633 13 58

Visit Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil 


International Schools in/near Barcelona.

- St. Peter´s School of Barcelona.


Founded in 1964, St Peters School accepts children from the ages 3 to 17 with a nursery for children from 18 months. Pre-school is taught in English. Primary school and Bachillerato are in English and Spanish. The school consists of 600 pupils and over 100 members of staff.

Calle Eduard Toldrà, 18. 08034 Barcelona.

Telf: (+34) 93 204 36 12

Visit St. Peter´s School of Barcelona.

-  The American School of Barcelona.

All classes at The American School are taught in English and the school follows the US curriculum until grade 12. There are more than 450 children representing 30 nationalities currently at the school and they can gain either an American or Spanish diploma.


C/ Balmes 7. 08950 Esplugues.

Telf: (+34) 93 371 40 16

Visit The American School of Barcelona


- Benjamin Franklin International School

Accredited by the Middle States Association for Collages and Schools as well as by the Spanish Ministry of Education, the Benjamin Franklin School prepares students for Universities both in the USA, Spain and other countries. BFS is very much a multicultural environment – around 35% are Spanish/Catalan, 30% American and 35% other international students. The school is divided into 4 subsections – Early Childhood, Elementary (grades 1-5), Middle (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). High School students are required to take 4 years of English, Spanish, Social Studies and Physical Education and 3 years of Mathematics and Science. Also obligitory are Computer Science, Music and Art.

Calle Martorell i Peña 9, 08034 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 434 23 80

Visit Benjamin Franklin International School


Kensington School Barcelona

Staff at The Kensington School have all obtained their qualifications and previous experience in the U.K. — except for the French and Spanish teachers, who are native speakers and give classes in their own language. Most pupils are sons and daughters of business people, consular or diplomatic officials of various countries, or executive personnel of multi-national firms. English is taught in all classes and the school follows the UK curriculum. Spanish is taught from age 7. There is a pre-school for ages 3-6. British Council accredited. Bus and Lunch service

Calle Cavallers 31-33 (Pedralbes), 08034 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 93 203 54 57

Visit Kensington School Barcelona


St Paul’s School

Founded in 1968 St Paul’s accepts children from ages 3 to 18. Pre-school is taught in English and Elementary school half a day in Spanish. The Bachillerato is mostly in Spanish.

Avenida Pearson 39, 08034 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 93 203 05 00

Visit St Paul’s School


Deutsche Schule Barcelona

The Deutsche Schule is an independent private school. recognized by the government of Spain and accredited by the Ministry of Education in Germany.  Pre-school 3-6 years. Oberschule for 4-6 years (depending on which exams you do). The Oberschule is divided in ‘gymnasium’ classes (classes 7-12 with the Reifeprifung exam) and the Haupt and Realschule (classes 7-10). Pupils can take the ‘Bachillerato’ (classes 11 and 12) and after the ‘selectividad’ exam can study at any Spanish or German University.

Av Jacint Ecteva Fontanet 105, 08950 Esplugues

Telf: (+34) 93 371 83 00

Visit Deutsche Schule Barcelona


Escuela Suiza de Barcelona

The Escuela Suiza de Barcelona accepts children of all nationalities from the age of 3 to 18. The school follows the Swiss curriculum and teaching is in German with Spanish as a second language. Founded in 1919 there are currently 660 pupils at the school. Approximately half the teaching staff are German speaking and the other half Spanish. Both Swiss and Spanish diplomas awarded.

Calle Alfins XII 99, 08021 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 93 209 65 44

Visit Escuela Suiza de Barcelona

Lycée Français de Barcelone

Lycée Français de Barcelone caters for more than two and a half thousand pupils from nursery to baccalauréat. Pupils are taught according to the French National System of Education and are required to pass the French academic exams. All levels are taught in French with Spanish, Catalan and English as elective subjects. Teachers have qualifications from France.

French Lycée, Calle Bosch i Gimpera 6-10, 08034 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 93 203 79 50

Visit Lycée Français de Barcelone

Japanese School of Barcelona.


Pupils attend The Japanese School from age 7 to 15 and must have one Japanese parent. The curriculum follows the official Japanese school system with some Spanish language. Pupils are taught by teachers sent by the Japanese government and qualify for senior high and university in Japan. School year starts in April.

Camí de can Graells s/n, Polígono Can Graells, 08190 Sant Cugat

Telf: (+34) 93 589 33 07

Visit Japanese School of Barcelona.

Scuola Italiana di Barcelona.


Scuola Italiana of Barcleona follows the Montessori system and is certified by the Italian Ministry of Education. Teaching is in Italian with Spanish and Catalan as secondary languages.

Calle Setanti 10-12, 08034 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 93 203 07 01

Visit Scuola Italiana di Barcelona


Zurich Schule

The Zurich Schule offers an education in German, Spanish, Catalan and English to pupils from the age of 3 until 14. Bus and lunch service available.

Av Pearson 73, 08034 Barcelona

Telf: (+34) 93 203 76 00

Visit Zurich Schule




University & College

- Escola d´enginyeria de telecominicació i Aeroespacial de Castelldefels (EETAC)

Campus del Baix Llobregat . Edifici C4. C. Esteve Terradas, 7. 08860 Castelldefels

Phone: 93 413 70 00


- Escola Superior d´agricultura de Barcelona (ESAB)

Campus del Baix Llobregat . Edifici D4. C. Esteve Terradas, 8. 08860 Castelldefels

Phone: 93 552 10 00

Visit ESAB

- Universitat Oberta de catalunya (UOC)

Parque Mediterráneo de la Tecnología. Av. Canal Olimpico S/N. 08860 Castelldefels

Phone: 93 673 50 00

Visit UOC

- Escuela Politécnica Superior de Castelldefels (EPSC)

C. Esteve Terradas, 8. 08860 Castelldefels

Phone: (34) 93 413 70 00

Visit EPSC

- The Aerospace Research & Technology Centre (CTAE)

Edif. CUBIC, Av. Segle XXI s/n E-08840 Viladecans

Phone: +34 93 664 26 44

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