La Lonja-Borne

La Lonja’s roots are in Palma’s maritime trade, and this barrio, leading from the Borne towards the seafront, takes its name from the 15th century Gothic masterpiece that housed the Maritime Stock Exchange from the Middle Ages. This is the oldest fishing and ship-building area of Palma and its wealth was built on sea trade. The front-line area of La Lonja is home to the handsome Consolat del Mar building; behind it is Plaza Drassana, and a maze of narrow streets and alleys – several of which are lined with restaurants, cafés and bars. La Lonja is the location of the Jazz Voyeur Club and must-see cocktail bar Abaco, two notable elements of La Lonja’s renowned nightlife. La Lonja has character and charm, with a wealth of vernacular architecture; properties for sale or rent include traditional merchant’s houses, apartments and penthouses. This area appeals to those who enjoy a city buzz, good social life, eating/drinking out nearby, and easy access to the Borne – one of Palma’s exclusive shopping streets.

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