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Our excellent market knowledge and experience in high quality real estate makes us a competent partner for property and project developers alike. This is enhanced by excellent local, national and international networks. An early involvement of our specialists in the planning phase is recommended in order to see the effects of planning decisions on distribution in time to be able to adjust.3 phases – three good reasons to put your residential project in the hands of an expert: Engel & Völkers will accompany you from the planning through to the implementation and marketing.
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1. Conception phase

  • Land Acquisition
  • Site Analysis
  • Utilization Analysis
  • Market-/ Competitive Analysis
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Advance check of development potential

Conception phase: The best advice – thanks to our targeted land acquisition.

Each site has its own dynamics – and therefore poses individual challenges on each housing project. It makes sense to rely on the local expertise of a competent partner early on in the planning phase. Engel & Völkers helps a property developer not only in the acquisition of land, but also during the project – from the building permit process through to the interior design.

Thanks to our comprehensive Engel & Völkers database which includes a large variety of active, searching clients, as well as focussed analysis, we provide you with the information needed to identify site-specific trends and individual wishes of potential clients at an early stage.

Our services in the conception phase:

  • Targeted and demand-oriented land or property acquisition
  • Location analysis based on continuous market and trend research
  • Detailed market and competitive analysisIdentification of user specific features of the market
  • Identify the target client characteristics
  • Pre-testing of the development potential of the land
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2. Configuration phase

  • Project Development Consulting
  • Optimization of floor plans
  • Advice on mix of apartments
  • Equipment advice
  • Market price assessment
  • Marketing / Sales Concept

Configuration phase: Perfectly equipped – from the planning stage to implementation.

Today, residential property must cater to a broader range of demands and needs. Besides the location, social status and personal environment, comfort and flexibility are becoming increasingly important. That means: Social and economic changes require a structural and spatial adjustment – and a holistic, future-oriented implementation. Our real estate experts know how to align customer needs and current market and living trends. Together with you, we make sure that a well-thought out project development concept leads to a particular property being created at the right time, at the right place, that meets the needs of the respective target client – and provides the developer an optimal prospective marketing success.

Our services in the configuration phase:

  • General market-oriented project development consulting
  • Advice on the size and nature of the floor plans
  • Support in the planning of the mix of apartments
  • Recommendation for interior design
  • In-depth property analysis (market price estimate)
  • Creation of an individual marketing / sales concept
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3. Marketing phase

  • Coordination of project marketing
  • Creation of sales documents
  • Regular reporting
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Sales settlement
  • After Sales Service

Marketing phase: Successfully sold – with the right marketing concept.

Our common goal is to position your developing residential project as successfully as possible in the market. Based on sound analysis and a market-oriented property assessment, we bring out the full potential of your projects as clearly as possible – and develop a customized marketing strategy in cooperation with you. Through our global network and a variety of marketing tools, you will benefit from excellent connections and far-reaching perspectives. For all matters and questions relating to your project you have just one single partner – the best basis for marketing your property as smoothly, quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, we will also support you regarding contract-related questions and other project-related recommendations.

Our services in the marketing phase:

  • Use of a specialized project team
  • Coordination of the entire project marketing
  • Creation of representative sales documentation
  • Handle viewings and open house dates
  • Valuation / sale of the existing property of the acquirer
  • Ongoing reporting on all marketing activities
  • Complete takeover of the contract negotiations
  • Other project-related recommendations
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