South Africa has become the first choice for property investments, due to its stability, diversity and excellent climate.

Developments on nature and game reserves in Southern Africa represent a top-end of the market lifestyle. Properties in nature or game reserves also offer security, privacy and exclusivity. Most of the reserves have landing strips that offer the executive fly-in convenience. The Bushveld biosphere regions and its diverse flora, varied geographical features and abundance of water, naturally lends itself to very scenic landscapes as well as an excellent area for game species.


The most common forms of ownership and types of properties available are the following:


  • Full Title Ownership:
  1. Independent Game Farms around 1500ha to 4500ha
    Golf property stands and residential houses on a Golf Estate often with roaming Game.
  • Shareholding Options

Acquiring shareholding in registered companies owning a Game Farm Property.
Companies offer shareholders agreed benefits such as:

Exclusive land for development purposes by the shareholder

Use of Right of common property such as Company Lodges
Traversing Rights on full property

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