Medical Care

Medical Care

The good news for you, as a new Hong Kong resident or expat, is that Hong Kong’s excellent healthcare meets Western medical standards, and doctors generally have excellent qualifications, often earning their medical degrees in the West. However, with that comes one of the world’s highest medical costs.

In general, all Hong Kong permanent and non-permanent residents have access to government-subsidized public health care and government clinics and hospitals. Almost all treatments are covered at Hong Kong’s 40 public hospitals. While public hospitals indeed offer excellent medical care, staff may not necessarily be fluent in English and private hospitals tend to offer even better care and more personalized service. Many expats choose to rely on Hong Kong’s established private health insurance. Regardless, it is essential that you get good health insurance, whether publically, privately or through your employer. For emergencies, dial 999.

Here is a list of private hospitals in Hong Kong.

Here is a list of public hospitals in Hong Kong.

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