Hong Kong is not all about business. In addition to being a leading financial hub, the city is also a prominent center for the arts in Asia. A fact amply illustrated by the city’s more than forty museums, which offer a valuable insight into the history and culture of this pulsating city.

Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong Science Museum opened its doors to the public in April 1991. The museum aims to provide an educational and entertaining experience to visitors by way of its more than 500 interactive displays encompassing the fields of robotics, virtual reality and more. The museum also organizes various science-themed activities and programs throughout the year.

Hong Kong Space Museum

A dome-covered building houses Hong Kong’s Space Museum, an institution located on the TsimShaTsui waterfront. Hong Kong’s Space Museum hosts the city’s planetarium along with the Stanley Ho Space Theatre and galleries like the Hall of Space Science and Hall of Astronomy. These two exhibition galleries display several interactive exhibits aim to educate as well as entertain.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Located within the cultural hub of the TsimShaTsui district in Kowloon, the Hong Kong Museum of Art has a permanent collection of more 15000 artifacts and antiquities.  Numerous paintings, calligraphy displays, curios of historical importance make up the museum’s permanent collection. The Flagstaff Museum of Tea Ware located within verdant Hong Kong Park also forms a part of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The Flagstaff Museum of Tea Ware chronicles the history and evolution of tea in China.

Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong

The permanent collection of theArt Museum at the Chinese University of Hong Kongfeatures paintings, ceramics, bronze and jade artifacts, calligraphy displays and more. These stunning artworks all offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of China down the ages. The museum also organizes several special exhibitions on Chinese art throughout the year.

Hong Kong Arts Centre

The Hong Kong Arts Centre functions as the nerve center of creativity in Hong Kong. Located in Wan Chai, the Hong Kong Arts Centre houses a 3D cinema, galleries, theaters, studios, classrooms and even a restaurant. The lofty 19-storey building has more 130,000 square feet of exhibiting space and invites Hong Kong’s creative community to come forth and showcase its wares. The Pao Galleries located within the Centre display various artworks all year round. The Hong Kong Arts School is an allied institution of the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Hong Kong Film Archive

The Hong Kong Film Archive as its name suggests is a repository for the heritage of Hong Kong cinema, one of the major film industries in the world. The archive offers top-notch facilities for film storage and also offers regular screenings of Hong Kong made as well as foreign films. Books, magazines, newspapers and audio-visual materials all feature as a part of the archives.

The University Museum and Art Gallery

The University Museum and Art Gallery is housed within the campus of the prestigious University of Hong Kong. The Fung Ping Shan building houses the museum while Art Gallery occupies the lower three floors of the TT Tsui building. Ancient ceramics, bronzes, paintings, sculptures in wood and stone dating from centuries past comprise the museum’s extensive permanent collection.

Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

Housed in an early 20th century, landmark Edwardian building, the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, chronicles the evolution of medical sciences in Hong Kong. The museum aims to educate and inform visitors on the development of public health and medical services in Hong Kong though it also provides a comparison of traditional Chinese medicine with Western Scientific medicine. The museum has on site a lush herb garden, which provides much information on the origin of Chinese herbal medicines.

City Gallery

Hong Kong’s skyline is continuously changing. The City Gallery is a museum devoted to planning and infrastructure endeavors in Hong Kong. The museum is spread over five floors in Central and offers 55 interesting, interactive exhibitsthat illustrate the change and development of Hong Kong’s cityscape.

Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum of History occupies a space next to the Hong Kong Science Museum in East TsimShaTsui. The museum chronicles the rich, historical heritage of Hong Kong by way of its huge permanent collection. The collection features numerous Hong Kong centric exhibits from the fields of history, archeology, ethnography and natural history. The museum hosts several travelling exhibits in conjunction with participating museums from around the world regularly. Aside from its main premises, the Hong Kong Museum of History also operates five branch museums around Hong Kong. These sites include the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, the Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum, Law Uk Folk Museum, the Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery and Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum.

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence is housed within the well-preserved Lei YueMun Fort, a fortification built by the British in the 1880’s at Shau Kei Wan.  The fort was at the center of some fierce battles during World War II including the Battle of Hong Kong. The museum today hosts several interesting exhibits that illustrate Hong Kong’s long and illustrious military history.  These exhibits include guns, uniforms, maps and even a British Comet tank.

Dr Sun YatSen Museum

The Dr Sun YatSen Museum chronicles the life of China’s most famous missionary.  Dr Sun YatSen had close ties with Hong Kong for he was educated in the city, and Hong Kong was his base for 18 years before he founded the Republic of China in 1912. The museum offers displays of Dr Sun’s personal artifacts that recount his life history and illustrate his close ties with Hong Kong. The museum is housed in a landmark building called Kom Tong hall, the starting point of the Dr Sun YatSen Trail a tour of historical buildings, which have an association with Dr. Sen.

Fireboat Alexander Grantham Gallery

The Quarry Bay Park plays host to the fascinating Fireboat Alexander Graham gallery. The Alexander Grantham fireboat served as the flagship boat of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department from 1953 to 2002.  This fireboat was at the forefront of the fire fighting and rescue operationsin Hong Kong during this time. This fireboat museum today offers displays of firefighting equipment and marine rescue activities in Hong Kong.

Lei ChekUk Han Tomb Museum

The Lei ChekUk Han Tomb Museum consists of an ancient burial chamber that dates back to the Eastern Han dynasty(AD 25-220). Visitors cannot enter the tomb but can visit the building located adjacent to the structure. Pottery and bronze wares unearthed from the tomb are displayed here and provide information about this unusual site.

Law Uk Folk Museum

Law Uk Folk Museum in Chai Wan represents a typical 18th century Hakka village house. The museum is named after the ‘Law’ family who once resided at the premises and offers a valuable insight into a lifestyle from the ages past.

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

As a coastal port city, Hong Kong has an incredibly rich maritime history that spans more than 2000 years. The Hong Kong Maritime Museum was established in 2005 at the historic Murray House at Stanley. The museum relocated to Pier 8 on the Central Harbour waterfront in 2013. This ocean facing building houses 13 galleries along with a event space, a roof top café, a resource center and a gift shop. This ocean-facing building houses 13 galleries along with an event space, a roof-top café, a resource center and a gift shop. The museum’s extensive permanent collection features several nautical instruments, models, ceramics, paintings and photographs, which all help to illustrate Hong Kong’s position as one of the preeminent port cities of the world.

Hong Kong 3D Museum

Hong Kong’s first 3D museum is a recent addition to its museum portfolio. The museum recounts the story of Hong Kong through its more than seventy surrealistic exhibits, which are arranged in several zones. These exhibits showcase Hong Kong’s many landmark buildings and structures like the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Bank of China Building, the Queen’s Pier in Central, Kai Tak Airport and more.  Other artworks housed in the museum relate to Hong Kong’s famed natural attractions like the Victoria Harbor and the Peak while other artworks depict scenes from Chinese culture. The museum offers many chances for photo opportunities and is immensely popular with visitors of all ages.