Phuket Property High Season Rush

Phuket Property High Season Rush

Property matters: Phuket Property High Season Rush

In anticipation of the coming high season – just a month or so away – we’ve had a rush of home-owners trying to list their Phuket property for sale or rent. And with Phuket being the traditional ‘holiday destination’ during that period, when most of Europe’s temperature is dropping rapidly to single digits, this is the perfect time to be in Phuket.

For holiday rental properties, especially over Christmas and New Year, it’s getting a little late in the day to list your property; the better prepared holiday renters are already busy making bookings or have already secured bookings and made the necessary plans months before. Having said this, there are always the ‘not so prepared’ and last-minute holiday renters. Therefore home-owners looking to rent out their property over the Christmas and New Year period could get lucky and secure such a last minute booking. 

As for properties for sale, its best to complete the listing of your property before December as most real-estate agents in Phuket are busy running around the island with prospective clients to view properties and may not be able to list your property in time. This could mean a missed opportunity to sell your property as the months of December through to April are the busy months for Phuket realtors.

The listing of a property for sale is not a convoluted process if home-owners are well prepared. An initial process would be a viewing of the property by the real estate agents. This would then be followed by photo-taking, whether by the real-estate agent or a professional photographer. In anticipation of this home-owners should ensure that the property is spruced up, maintenance works like a new coat of paint, jet-spraying the driveway completed and trees and grass trimmed etc. As for the internal part of the property, the kitchen should be tided up, beds made and all set up as if guests were expected.

As a high percentage of prospective holiday home buyers tend to surf the internet for an overview of properties available for sale where they are thinking of purchasing, the first impressions they get are from the photos on the website.

Therefore it’s very important that home-owners present their property well. A professional photographer specialising in featuring properties costs between 5,000-15,000 baht and the photo session could take a day or two, depending on the weather, and approximately 3-5 days to prepare and present the high resolution photos, usually on a CD or DVD. This could then be handed to the realtors listing your Phuket property so that they can upload a photo selection to their website, publish or print it accordingly.

Next would be the documentation stage and home-owners should have photocopies or scans of title deeds (both front and back), house registration book (also known as the blue book), land lease agreements, building permits, company documents (if the property is held in a company), passport and information of management fees, together with other services on hand. This will expedite the documentation stage all the way to executing an agreement with the real estate agent. Now it’s for the real estate agent to list your property on its website and market it through its many marketing channels – and find a buyer for your Phuket property.


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