Phuket Property matters: Trends & Progress


Now shall it be the latest iPhone 5, Samsung IV or HTC… or maybe wait for the next iPhone5S… decisions, decisions, decisions… Whatever the latest trends are, even in real estate, it’s a tough choice – and now with the arrival of the property developer ‘big boys’ from Bangkok, Phuket has gone ‘condominium-mad’. So what is this craze all about? 

The condominium fever extends to property booths in every corner of every mall, signboard advertisements littering both sides of the road, flyers at car parks and so on. We’re continuously assailed with offers “Get the latest Samsung IV when you purchase a condominium unit”, “Free furniture package”, “Free three year’s maintenance cost” etc, etc, etc… all for a 30sqm apartment???

Who would buy a 30sqm apartment in a complex of over 300 units? Many apparently, from the ‘sold out’ claims of the developers and also the continuous mushrooming of even more condominiums from Kathu to Bang Tao to Kamala. A trip to one of these developments was definitely long overdue, so off we went on a ‘learning trip’. It started off with the security guards at the development who were quite diligent as they asked for some ID before we could drive inside. After promptly handing over a driving license and informing them of a unit number, we were waved through….so far so good.

Now which block is the unit in? It actually took us several minutes to find out which block it was as there was no clear signage to indicate where to go. The second thing we noticed, while trying to park, was the limited amount of parking space around the complex. Where do the residents park? Or are you not expected to own a car? 

If there are 300 units surely there must be at least 300 parking spaces, with more for guest parking. That would have been at least two football fields in space, which we’d have surely noticed.

There was a lovely reception and sitting area with the added security of a key card needed to access the elevators to the units. Up we go in the lift, where it opens onto a long corridor with units on both sides. Upon entering the unit there’s a compact living area with sofa, TV and a dining table for two. Just off the living area is the bedroom, separated by a sliding glass door. Off to the right of the bedroom are the bathroom, an open kitchenette and balcony. We then proceeded for a tour around the complex which had a common pool, gym and an open grass area around it.

If you’re single, into minimalistic style and just want a pad to crash in, hate housework or couldn’t care less about tending to the garden and don’t do much entertaining, then this is ‘the’ property that may be right up your alley. Within a few steps you can be in the kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom as the unit is compact enough for easy reach to your most important worldly belongings – like your mobile phone, TV remote and laptop. 

Phuket’s ever-growing landscape will soon be littered with condominiums and apartments like any big city; it’s estimated that as many as 5,000 units have entered the Phuket property market in the last 24 months. Well… I guess this is progress and something we’ll all have to get used to as Phuket continues to grow in leaps and bounds.


Amy Koh 
is the Sales Manager of Engel & Voelkers Phuket.

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