“Mr. Key West” puts private island up for sale

David Wolkowsky, the famous Florida-based visionary and investor who earned the name “Mr. Key West” for his sterling efforts to preserve the his-toric character of his home town, is selling his private island Ballast Key. This jewel of a property is a truly rare offering on the property market.

“When I look at things,” he once said, “I’m always desperately looking for beauty.” He swiftly qualified this with what beauty is about in his eyes: it is always the unconventional, unusual and unique that attracts him. This maxim can certainly be applied to Wolkowsky’s private is-land Ballast Key. Lying some 15 kilometres to the west of Key West, it can be reached from the mainland in just under 25 minutes by boat or ten minutes by helicopter. The 110,000 sqm isle is the only private island in the Key West National Wildlife Refuge and the southernmost inhabited island in the USA. The purchase price is 15.8 million US dollars (approx. 12.2 million euros).

Ballast Key_Engel & Völkers3 Ballast Key_Engel & Völkers2Ballast-Key3


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