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February 4, 2013

Engel & Völkers Hong Kong
Engel & Völkers Group Achieves Best Financial Result in the Company’s History This Year

HONG KONG – The Engel & Völkers Group has announced thatin the past financial year 2012, the Group achieved its best financial result in the company’s 35-year history. The Group’s commission revenues rose by 11.8percent over the last 12 months to 230.8 million euros.

In the residential division, property shops operating in Germany produced the highest proportion of theoverall turnover, increasing their revenues from commission by 6.1 percent to 98.3 million euros, a new recordfor the Group. Outside of Germany, revenues rose sharply by 25.2 percent to 81.0 million euros, another record figure. The Commercial division saw a 4.8 percent increase in turnover to 51.5 million euros. In total, Engel & Völkers’ 500 residential property shops and commercial offices brokered property worth approximately six billion eurosin 2012.

The strong growth of the Group canpartially be attributed to the positive economic situation on the real estate market, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other key holiday regions, such as the Balearics and Florida. “The level of growth could have been even stronger, particularly in Germany, ifthe supply of properties, such as multi-purpose apartment and office blocks, had been sufficient to meet demand,” said Christian Völkers, CEO of Engel & Völkers AG. With excess demand and low levels of new real estate, Engel & Völkers is expecting prices to increase further, particularly in sought-after urban centers.

In international markets, the strong growth of Engel & Völkers looks set to continue as well. The company is planning the further expansion of its brand in the world’s major metropolises, from Barcelona and London to New York and Hong Kong. “The demand in our most important markets will be sustained, which means that we can anticipate considerable further growth in 2013,” Mr. Völkers concluded.

Engel & Völkers’ Asian gateway branch in Hong Kong saw similar positive results, with a 111% increase in the total amount of commission and 66% increase in total number of sales over 2012. Looking forward in the Year of the Snake, Chris Liem, Owner and Principal of Engel & Völkers Hong Kong, forecasts further price increases and a positive outlook on the premium property market.

“The luxury property market is buoyant and aspirational,” he notes. “The high-end segment of the Hong Kong market in which we specialize will continue to see interest and strong demand.”
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香港 – 2013年2月4日 – 安閣物業集團宣佈公司於2012年度業績創新高,錄得成立35年以來最佳成績,全年佣金總收入增長百份之十一點八(11.8%)至二億三千八十萬歐元。


有助集團業務強勢增長的因素包括利好地產業的經濟環境,尤其在德國、瑞士、奧地利以及其他主要度假勝地,如巴利阿裡群島和佛羅里達等。安閣物業行政總裁Christian Völkers指出: 「若多功能公寓及辦公室能有足夠的供應來滿足市場需要,安閣的增長會更加強勁,尤其是德國市場。」鑑於一手物業市場出現供不應求的情況,安閣物業認為樓價將持續上升,受熱捧的市中心地區升幅將更為顯著。

至於國際市場,安閣物業預計其業務增長趨勢將持續。公司已計劃把品牌進一步拓展至世界各大主要城市,包括巴塞隆拿、倫敦、紐約和香港。「我們的重點市場物業需求穩健,這意味著集團可望於2013年再創佳績。」 Völkers先生總結道。

安閣物業於香港的亞洲之門分店亦錄得同樣令人鼓舞的業績,公司2012 年的總佣金收入上升了百份之一百一十一 (111%)。展望蛇年的豪宅市場,安閣物業香港主管及持有人Chris Liem預計該豪宅的價格將會繼續拾級而上。

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About Engel & Völkers Hong Kong
Engel & Völkers Hong Kong is the Asia Regional Headquarters for the Engel & Völkers Group based in Germany. As the world’s leading real estate agency, they provide services in specialised luxury residential sales and leasing, and premium project marketing. The experienced team combines the best of local market expertise with unparalleled global market knowledge and resources. Engel & Völkers Hong Kong was voted Best Property Agency 2011 for Mid-levels, Sheung Wan and Central by GoHome and Best of the Best Real Estate Agency 2012 in Mid-levels by Squarefoot. It is Asia Regional Headquarters for the Engel & Völkers Group.

Founded in Germany in 1977 and now with more than 500 locations in 40 countries, Engel & Völkers is uniquely positioned to offer professional real estate agency services to clients, in Hong Kong and internationally.

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