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Engel & Völkers Projects specialises in the marketing and selling of properties on behalf of developers, selling of development land and the structuring of joint ventures for the development of residential properties.


In the area of end-user sales and marketing, the company uses a proven approach that starts with thorough market research, followed by a detailed target market analysis. This identifies what opportunities there are in a market and who the potential buyers will be for a specific development.


With this background information Engel & Völkers Projects is able to advise the developer on the detail of the product offering, i.e. what exactly to offer, at what price and what additional features, facilities and amenities to create in the development. This is followed by the preparation of a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy, with detailed plans and budgets. Finally there is implementation of the plans and follow-through with efficient sales administration which includes bond origination and careful co-ordination with transfer and bond attorneys, the developer, buyers and financiers. Throughout this process effective communication with and reporting to all the role players remains essential.


We at Engel & Völkers Projects are very reliable and professional to deal with, we always ensuring to protect the interest of our clients.




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