Properties in Poblenou

For over 100 years, Poblenou has been Barcelona’s quintessential industrial district and main economic engine of Catalonia in the textile and metallurgical industry and construction. Due to deindustrialization, the factories were abandoned. The spaces started to be used for activities linked to transport. Neighborhoods were neglected, which decisively contributed to the deterioration of the urban space.

The recovery of Poblenou began with the transformations made for the Olympic Games in 1992. Ring rounds were built in Barcelona, which provided Poblenou with easy access to the metropolitan area, the port and the airport. Beaches were recovered for urban use. The Olympic Village was built, which became the first modern suburb on Barcelona’s coast. Diagonal Avenue was completely finished by February 1999 and connected Poblenou with the city center by the main business hub of the city. Subsequently, it was approved the Metropolitan General Plan Amendment for the renewal of the industrial areas of Poblenou, better known as Pla 22 @. That was followed by large projects such as the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004, showing economic, urban and social renewal of the district.

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