Property franchises, among others, increased sales volume by three percent in the last year, pulling in 18 million euros in Spain alone.

03.06.2013 Even though the Spanish economy is in recession, its franchise industry continues to generate growth. In the following, David Scheffler, Director of Expansion for Europe, talks about the success of the Engel & Völkers franchise system in Spain.

Spanish statistics show that the key to stability during times of economic downturn is to rely on proven franchise systems.

Latest results from Franquicia Expo indicate that the three percent increase in franchise turnover in the last year was due to more people being hired in franchises, as well as new franchise systems being signed. Franchisees injected over 18 million euros into the economy last year, adding an extra 3000 jobs to the already 210 000 strong community of people involved.

23 percent of the 60 555 franchises in Spain are related to property business and are clearly the backbone of such a strong industry, as well as the light during economic downturn.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo recently celebrated the latest shop openings of Engel & Völkers in Madrid. This is a clear sign of reliability and strength from the German real estate franchise company. They have recently opened their doors in Barrio Salamanca and La Moraleja, some of the most aspirational areas of Madrid. They will open further shops in Aravaca, Parque de Conde de Orgaz, Puerta de Hierro and in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Torrelodones, El Escorial and Las Rozas.

“We are proud to be part of the strong local franchise community in Spain, and are happy to celebrate the great successes of our franchise partners here. On the Spanish mainland our franchise partners have increased their turnover by 60 percent compared to the first five months in 2012. Our proven system for attracting and selling up-market properties has been the foundation of our business in Germany and Europe for more then 36 years. With the downturn in Spain over the last couple of years, it is good to see that the system is also helpful to local business owners who want to continue expanding and developing their love for property. Our business has been so successful here, we are happy to say we are looking for new license partners for Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Segovia, Burgos, Avila, Toledo, Santander, La Coruña, San Sebastian, Oviedo, Gijón, Vitoria and Saragossa ”, said David Scheffler, Director of Expansion for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Engel & Völkers.

Rafael Portero, reporting for Franquicia Expo, said that of the 60 555 franchises that exist in Spain, there was a 1.4 percent increase in new signings, over half of them being in the service industry. Clearly, this is a proof point to entrepreneurs who seek to start or grow business opportunities, while relying on proven techniques from the franchisor. Portero shows that the franchise world faces the current economic situation and demonstrates its strength throughout 2012. It has proven that old and new franchises have been a “way out” in these times.The benefit of working with reliable franchise partners is to tap into a wealth of knowledge and systems about how best to grow a business. That is what Engel & Völkers does best, and shares with partners in the 37 countries that it currently operates in.

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