Property in Palma de Mallorca – Your real estate agency provides information about the region

Is probably regarded as one of the most elegant cities in the Mediterranean and is often referred to as the “new Barcelona”. Against the backdrop of the city’s rich history and culture and ancient old town, it offers a huge range of entertainment, shopping, boutique hotels, art galleries, museums, property styles, restaurants and cafes. In recent years, millions of Euros have been spent on the restoration of the city and its facades. Palma’s beautiful gothic Cathedral, which dominates the city’s skyline, hosts magnificent works of art.

All these factors combine to make Palma a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with life year round and everything is easily reachable on foot. Palma is the ideal location for busy people that love the buzz of a city but want to relax at weekends in elegant and cosmopolitan surroundings in a city which is steeped in history and culture and everything is within easy walking distance. The proximity of the city to the airport (literally 10 minutes) means that it is easily accessible and is a favourite destination for many European commuters and property buyers.

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