The Dancing Towers of Doha


The Shoumoukh Towers in Doha rise up like a giant letter H. They offer great views of the city and the Persian Gulf.

Two dancers, engaged in a series of steps in which they pull apart, moving in different directions while keeping a hold of each other’s hands: that is the image created by the Shoumoukh Towers. Scheduled for completion in June 2013, the two towers are currently under construction on Doha’s Suhaim Bin Hamad Street – or C Ring Road – one of the most important streets in Qatar’s capital city. The shorter of the two, an 18-story tower, rises 100 meters into the air, while its 22-story partner is approximately 116 meters in height. Floors six to ten of both buildings are linked, which adds a dynamic twist to the usual “twin towers” concept. “It was my aim not just to construct a modern, elegant, functional and flexible building in the middle of Doha, but also one that has character,” says Mohamed Ismail from the architecture firm EHAF. In addition to offices and shops, the Shoumoukh Towers will house a large number of restaurants. The frontages of the building have been fully adapted to the region’s climatic conditions. A layer of slats, fixed in front of the building’s glass façades, will shield the office towers from direct sunlight, thereby reducing the build-up of heat. This second frontage also provides the towers with visual momentum. 



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