Real estate agency Castelldefels


Within the area of Castelldefels there are 4 main areas:Castelldefels, Garraf, Gavà, and Begues.

Castelldefels is known for its family homes, which sell for anywhere between € 800,000 and € 2,500,000. The most expensive property is along the Castelldefels Beach.

Gavà is the area with the highest demand for real estate, especially for family villas ranging between two and four million Euros in price, depending on the distance from the beach. This area also offers semidetached homes and apartments.

The customer profile found here is mainly foreigner, with children and who clearly want to live next to a beach.


Castelldefels is a coastal town 18 km south of Barcelona.It is set in a privileged surrounding, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Garraf Nature Park.It has a warm Mediterranean climate, with moderately hot summers and mild winters.

Castelldefels has a large and enjoyable beach of fine sand, positioned between two different settings:the delta of the river Llobregat and the Garraf massif.

Close to the beach is the Olympic Canal, especially built for the 1992 Olympics, which is used for several sports including canoeing, windsurf and waterskiing.

The highest point is on a top of a hill, where there is a famous castle built in the 10th century which is now used as an exhibition hall.

Castelldefels has very good connections with Barcelona by car, train and bus.

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