Real estate agency in Matadepera


Matadepera has several urbanizations: Poble, La Plana, Can Prat, Can Vinyers, La Muntanyeta, Can Duran, Verge de Montserrat, Ma Sot, Drac Park, Sant Llorenç dels Pins, Pla de Sant Llorenç, Can Solà del Racó, Cavall Bernat, Can Robert, Les Pedritxes, and Els Rourets.

The type of property in this area is mostly houses or villas from 200 to 400 m2 built on 400 to 2,000 m2 of land. They are ideal for families to live surrounded by nature and close to Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Terrassa or Sabadell.

In the village or in the area of Drac Park there are also semidetached houses from 200 to 250m2 with a garden and a communal swimming-pool.

Close to the village there are nice classic villas from the 1970s’. The village centre has flats from 60 to 130 m2.

In the urbanizations closest to the Nature Park there are large properties with a built surface of over 400 m2, on plots of land larger than 2,000 m2.

The people living in this area usually come from Matadepera, Terrassa and Sabadell


Matadepera is a municipality of the province of Barcelona, in the region of el Vallès Occidental. It is close to the towns of Terrassa and Sabadell, and 10 minutes from Sant Cugat, and only 25 minutes out of Barcelona. Located at the foot of the Sant Llorenç del Munt mountain, it offers spectacular views of the Vallès at its highest point, La Mola.

Matadepera has several neighbourhoods and adjacent urbanizations: Can Prat, Can Vinyers, Verge de Montserrat, Mas Sot, Drac Parc, Pla de Sant Llorenç, Can Solà del Racó, Cavall Bernat, Can Robert, Les Pedritxes, Rourets.

It is a very quiet residential area with the advantages of living surrounded by nature. In its surroundings there are many parks and green zones. It is the ideal place for families who want to live in a relaxed and quiet place. The quality of life in Matadepera is high, and has the highest per capita income in Catalonia.

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