Real estate agent in Diagonal Mar (Barcelona)


In the Diagonal Mar are there are three major neighbourhoods:Diagonal Mar and Front Marítim, Poblenou and Vila Olímpica.

Most of the properties for sale in Diagonal Mar are apartment.Those with a highest demand are tall apartments with good views of the sea, which have a communal area and are close to the beach.Prices for this type of apartments range from € 5,000 to € 7,000 per square meter, depending on the state of the building, its orientation and its views.Almost all clients seeking for this type of properties in the Diagonal Mar area are foreigners.


It comprises the areas of Diagonal Mar, Front Marítim, Poblenou and Vila Olímpica.

One of the attractions of living in Diagonal Mar is living next to the sea and very close from the city centre.It is a quiet and modern residential area.

Real Estate in Diagonal Mar tends to be luxurious and with a privileged location next to the sea.

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