The reasons why NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world

New YorkNew York, New York: so good they named it twice. The excess of this double moniker symbolises everything that makes NYC one of the most beloved cities in the world. The vastness of its skyline, the magnitude of its cultural variation and the diversity of its neighbourhoods create a city of boundless possibility. It isn’t hard to come up with reasons to justify New York City’s fame and reputation, but here are a few of our favourite factors:

Manhattan’s grid

While cities like London and Paris are memorialised warrens to industry past, Manhattan’s grid system is designed to facilitate the industry of here and now. The top-down design, implemented in 1811, allowed variation within the strict overall grid structure, letting individual blocks and neighbourhoods change and adapt in accordance with their needs. This means that the modern Manhattan has wonderfully diverse architecture, suitable for the tastes and requirements of a wide variety of discerning investors.

Manhattan cocktail

The mysterious origins of this ubiquitous cocktail are perhaps a testament to the fast pace of life in Manhattan – progress gallops on so quickly that legends can spring up without anyone noticing. Whether it was invented in 1874 for Winston Churchill’s mother, or by a mysterious ‘man named Black’ in the 1860s, the Manhattan is firmly rooted in NYC, and there’s no better place to enjoy one.

Life expectancy

Due in part to the pedestrian-friendly Manhattan Grid which allows New Yorkers to walk the city freely – and perhaps also due, in slightly smaller part, to the exemplary quality of the bourbon in New York Manhattans – life expectancy for Manhattan residents has increased more than that of any other county in the US since 1985. Investors here can hope to enjoy and profit from their properties for many years to come.

The great outdoors

Rather than referring to hiking, fishing and dodging mosquitoes, we’re talking about the incredible variety of outdoor cultural events that are available in NYC during the warmer months. With one of the most inclusive theatre, music, dance, and art events programmes in the world, New York demonstrates classic Manhattan innovation by bringing many of these events outside, combining rich cultural fare with its balmy year round weather conditions.

24/7 subway service

Unlike other Underground or Metro services, the New York Subway runs around the clock. When it opened in 1904, NYC’s Subway had 28 stations – there are now 468, and 660 miles of track to help get New Yorkers where they need to be at any time of the day or night. If you ever wondered why the call it the city that never sleeps, you might just have found your answer.

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