Reasons why NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world

New YorkSome cities are so spectacular they deserve more than one article listing their myriad attractions – and New York is definitely one of them. If our first selection wasn’t enough to convince you of how much we really do ‘heart’ NYC, we’ve got another five reasons already here that are guaranteed to bring you over to the Big Apple’s side.

Round-the-clock cuisine
There are almost eight thousand restaurants in New York, without even including the vast array of street food carts and independent takeaways. Many of them stay open throughout the night and into the morning, meaning that you’ll never need to go far to find something delicious even at 4am. New York is a real cultural melting pot, so no matter what kind of food you’re craving, from authentic Vietnamese to French haute cuisine, you’ll always be able to find it somewhere nearby.

Broadway baby
Culture connoisseurs have more reason than anyone else to love New York: the city is home to the world’s highest concentration of theatres with an amazing 420, while the closest competitor Paris only has 353. There’s a huge selection of shows, with over 43,000 performances taking place on and off-Broadway in 2012 alone. Long-running musicals are tourist staples, but with such a high concentration of talented actors in one place, even a freebie night at a run-down comedy club could let you in on an early performance from a future star. The city also boasts a range of theatre related events, including the Tony Awards, the New York International Fringe Festival, and the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Jazz hands
Jazz may have originated in the southern states, but the jazz scene in New York is certainly thriving today. You can hear jazz from top performers every night of the week, whether you’re listening to veteran performers in the famous Village Vanguard club or up-and-coming innovators busking in the city’s trendier neighbourhoods.

City that never sleeps
Playwright Patrick Marber hit the nail on the head when he called New York ‘a twenty-four-hour pageant called ‘Whatever You Want’’. Everything from pharmacies and supermarkets to beauty parlours and craft beer emporiums stay open all hours – and since the public transport system also runs all night, you can stay out as late as you want and still make it back home by sunrise.

Fashion capital
Even the most serious shopaholics will be satiated by the range of sartorial destinations in New York. In the course of a day you can visit independent boutiques, luxury designer shops, and some of the world’s most celebrated department stores. The Lower East Side and Williamsburg are favourite haunts for those hunting for vintage pieces, while Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue are both home to an impressive collection of international couturiers.

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