Rent or buy your next dream home in Greece?Just do both, and enjoy it now!

Take advantage of our new, breakthrough ‘rent-to-buy’ real estate services, and enjoy your new home in Greece now!

By combining the best of business practices in the European real estate market, and the existing legislation about property ownership in Greece, Engel & Völkers Athens North & Uptown offers you its innovative ‘rent-to-buy’ consulting and agency services in the local property market.

  • Why waste your investment capital in rental, that offers you merely time and space, but not a property to live as your home?
  • Why back off of your family plans, because you currently experience a turnaround situation that has not yet completely settled down?
  • Why hesitate making your next important step, when great housing opportunities rise all over the market?

Taking advantage of the available cash reserves, and combining them with our new ‘Rent-to-’Buy’ services, a genuine buyer is capable of acquiring the property he/she always dreamed of, while all financial and legal terms are put into immediate effect with a mutual benefit for both the seller and the buyer.

For those genuine buyers, the comparative advantages of Engel & Völkers’s innovative ‘Rent-to-Buy’ services in Greece are very attractive, and cannot be overseen:

a) Immediate transfer of ownership of the property, by depositing a non-refundable start-up fee of approx. 15.0% of the property’s agreed purchasing price.
b) No need for any kind of leverage or mortgage up-front!
c) All the money that would be spent as rent for having a similar property, will now be invested in paying-off your new property… INTEREST FREE!
d) Ability to invest your remaining cash reserves in other opportunities, that would further enhance your ability to pay-off your new investment with less cost than initially expected.
e) Engel & Völkers Athens North will be able to secure your payments by insuring your “debt” against future risks.

The owner who participates in the ‘Rent-to-Buy’ deal exclusively made by our Athens office, receives a privileged service bundle and unique financial advantages:

a) Obtain liquidity out of the sold property fast, when no other means of selling could provide it earlier.
b) Ensure a steady cash flow for a period of 2-4 years, until the final balloon payment, and the release of the property to the new owner.
c) Get rid of any existing or future tax payments and/or maintenance costs.
d) Close the deal and notarize it with the most credible buyer, thoroughly checked by our financial team.

Enjoy the home you always dreamed of, and make it yours now!
Easy payments. No risks.
Solid, legal contracts.
No mortgage.

Aγορά… εν οίκω!™
is a registered trademark of Immobilienz LLC,
Licensed Partner of ENGEL & VÖLKERS Residential GmbH.
Exclusively in Greece by Engel & Völkers Athens North & Uptown

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