Season’s Greetings!

Discover the Christmas TraditionsAlmost all over the world, people are looking forward to Christmas. Gingerbread… Christmas cookies… and decorating the Christmas tree with all the family. Every year, these German traditions are a special part of Christmas Time.
But how is the festive period spent around the world?

Engel & Völkers is celebrating on a global scale this year and some of our licence partners have prepared some great holiday greetings and surprises.
Our partners in Malta, Santa Monica, South Africa, New York and Majorca have enjoyed sharing their Christmas traditions and seasonal greetings with you and they’ve even made the holiday season that little bit more special by giving away some presents!

Do you know any Christmas traditions from South Africa or Malta?

A South African Christmas is often spent on the beach – at temperatures of around 30 degrees, a light BBQ tastes even better than the Christmas roast dinner.

Christmas is very important in the Catholic country of Malta. With over 365 churches, the Maltese celebrate Christmas in a very traditional manner, with a classic Christmas meal and lots of time spent with the family.

In modern New York, the holiday season is welcomed in with much glitz and glamour. Here you can marvel at the largest Christmas tree in the world and enjoy all of the other decorations across the city to your heart’s content. Even Santa Clause and Rudolph feel very much at home!
Majorca celebrates Christmas for the longest period, from the 24th of December until the 6th of January in the following year. Presents are not given out until January 6th, namely by the Three Wise Men. Very few people have Christmas trees, but instead decorate cribs to adorn their living rooms.

In Santa Monica, temperatures can reach up to 24 degrees during the festive season. You can even go and do your Christmas shopping in flip flops!

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. Did you know about all these traditions?

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