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 The Wörthersee is the warmest “bathtub” of Carinthia. The Wörthersee and the entire surrounding region continues to be a very popular secondary residence for Austrian, German and Dutch. According to reports, the sqm price rises in the first row foot free rasand still in the air. The summer on the Riviera Austria is allowed to get paid well. The total market in Carinthia has seen a significant increase in 2012. This trend is ongoing, as the demand for homes and lakeside properties is given “first set foot free” as before. A lot of celebrities invest at the Wörthersee and seeing the real estate or properties as a safe investment for the future. Water always attracts.


Carinthia is Austria’s southernmost province and is endue of its beautiful landscape with mountains and around 200 lakes one of the most beautiful regions of the Alpine republic. Between Klagenfurt and Villach – Spittal up to be embedded in one of the most enchanting landscapes with numerous lakes such as Lake Wörthersee , the Faak, Ossiach and Millstaetter lake. They constitute one of Austria’s most popular tourist destinations. All Carinthian lakes have excellent water quality. The lakes are renowned for the quality of drinking water. Carinthia is therefore also economically strongly influenced by the tourist sector, which allows the state along with a stable economic development. In Carinthia, now living almost 600,000 inhabitants, a number which has grown easier in recent decades . In regions such as the Wörthersee, Faak or Bad Kleinkirchheim offer fantastic real esatetes nearby the sea or mountains with many international neighbors. Velden, Pörtschach and Klagenfurt are the most popular places on the Wörthersee , the score with a buzzing nightlife, and in the winter with the romance and tranquility on the lake in summer. Strict building codes ensure that the exclusive reputation of places is not done by excessive development naught.


If you are looking for a location where all year round is hustle and bustle, which is highly recommended the exciting and beautiful city of Klagenfurt. The largest city of Carinthia offers their very own blend of tradition and modernity, there is nowhere else to be found in Carinthia so, and is a symbol of new and old traditions of the country on the international stage. This major city of the 21st Century is the ideal location for long-term real estate investments. Due to its proximity to Lake Wörthersee, it is likely that prices will rise here in the coming years


Woerthersee_ossiacher See

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