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The valuation and sale of a property is an important decision, which has to count on the professionalism and experience of a competent real estate consultant. Therefore, Engel & Völkers, one of the largest real estate companies worldwide, aims to achieve the best results for their clients.

With a deep understanding of market advisers Engel & Völkers know how to evaluate a property, submit it and fit it in the most appropriate way in the market, besides knowing the most effective sales strategies in each case.

Engel & Völkers will guide you through each step to take in selling your property, taking advantage of all their potencialy well materialize, optimally, the client’s ideas. The prestigious Engel & Völkers in the local market, makes us a company with a strong presence recommended due to our compliance with the ethical and professional.

Why you need a real estate expert?

The decision to buy or sell a property is a determination not to be taken lightly. The buyer of a property usually look, quickly and easily, the best. While looking for a buyer seller solvent and obtain an optimal price. Both parties require likewise an expert who professionally advise them throughout the process.

Below we name some criteria, which will help them get better results:

Compare Internet presence of different agencies and the supply of properties they exhibit. Do they match the location and price with the property you want or need?
Evaluate the impression that has been in situ. Did you like the environment?, Was treated kindly?, Did you like the team of advisers and how they presented him with a property?
Provide your assigned advisor of all necessary documents concerning the property, this ensuring a professional evaluation and all the potential of the property.
Make sure you have enough time to make the appointment.
Let me explain the reason for the valuation or require it written. It is not always necessary or possible to get the highest price, the price has to provide according to the specific characteristics of the property, which group of customers can be offered, how long it can last sale estimates.
Make sure you have continuous contact, ensuring the sales process: if there are customers interested and how negotiations go, what activities are planned, or any other details that may be of interest.
Take an overview of the services we offer, from how to get the client offers, through the appointments to visit properties, to the form of contract or the delivery of property.
Make sure that in addition to the classic action advertising (posters of sale, Internet, newspapers, etc..), could be carried out with other requiring the customer.
Decide to allocate the sale of property to a single agency. Only one exclusive contract will ensure that the designated, invest all their time and money to promote and sell their property. Remember to hire two or more agencies will be a negative effect, since there is no guarantee a unification of criteria, which may result in a devaluation of property or misunderstandings between customers.
Remember, the way in which we present a consultant, will give you an idea about the image that will promote your property.

Your team of Engel & Völkers Bilbao

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