Selling a Property in Phuket

We understand that it is not easy to part from a property in Phuket it is paradise after all, especially given that it may have been home for you and your family for several years and is full of fond memories.Commissioning an estate agent to sell your property is a matter of trust. You have to be sure that your agent will give you the fullest possible support which is why we at Engel&Völkers, Phuket will listen to your wishes and act on them.

We involve you in all our sales and marketing activities and keep you informed every step of the way. This exchange of information is crucial in achieving a successful sale.

So if you are wanting to sell your property here in Phuket, be it a villa or a condominium, an apartment, or land or commercial property, why not contact us for a property valuation? and to arrange for us to sit down with you to discus what can be done and how we can work together in finding new owners for you.

Making an Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression for the perfect viewing. To ensure that the potential buyer gets the best possible impression of your property on their first visit, we help to prepare the viewing with you.

The importance of showing the property in the right way cannot be emphasized enough. The potential buyer should get a feeling that the property could be his or her new home here in Phuket. Together we look at the property and find ways to bring out the best. Using your properties’ advantages, we determine how the viewing should be conducted.

Simple preparations for an ideal viewing can help significantly. We will give you our full support to prepare your home in the right way.

Achieving the Best Price

Successful marketing of your property starts with a review of your property and the valuation. Our real estate professionals know the Phuket market and have been trained by the Engel&Völkers Real Estate Academy so as we can provide all our clients with the highest level of skill, professionalism and honesty.

They will determine the potential of your property in cooperation with you. In our Engel&Völkers property shop and office you will be looked after personally by a team that draws up a well founded valuation of your property that will help set what is seen as an achievable price. The  true value of the property is the price that the potential buyer is willing to pay for the property and one that you are willing to accept.

Exclusive Agreements for Targeted Marketing

Engel&Völkers Phuket accepts both exclusive and non-exclusive agreements for marketing properties. Exclusive agreements ensure that we can spend all of our time and resources available on your property. The benefits of an exclusive agreement ensure that we can offer support tailored to your needs, develop a customised marketing plan and measure responses to advertising. Firstly, we offer your property in a discreet and targeted manner to our selected list of prospective local and international buyers. If we do not find a suitable buyer for your property among our numerous actively searching clients worldwide, Engel & Völkers will, with your agreement, implement a marketing strategy.

Customised Marketing for your Property

These include but are not limited to the following marketing initiatives:

  • Cross-selling displays in local and international shop windows (we have over 400 shops/offices in 27 countries worldwide. A new shop is opening on average every 10 days)somewhere in the world and that just may be where the buyer for your home is right now!
  • Placing listings in local and international print media
  • Presenting e-mail information shots to our database
  • Presenting your property on the Engel & Völkers local and global website
  • Presenting your property on our Partner websites
  • Leveraging international and local editorials for interesting and unique properties
  • Advertising in our architecture and lifestyle magazine GG
  • Placing a For Sale sign at the property

Regular Information Updates

You will be informed regularly about the progress that is being made on marketing your Thailand property. Our real estate professionals will update you with a report of each viewing, activity report on the property sale, planned marketing and advertising, response to current advertising and recommendations, and the latest information on the market.

The Art of Negotiation

The experience and the negotiating skills of our advisors should ensure that you are completely satisfied right through to the final sales agreement. We aim to achieve the best result for you through the timely passing on of offers from interested buyers, recognising serious buyers, proposal submission and the final negotiation of the sale. The sales contract will be concluded if the contracting parties have agreed upon the sales price, the appointment of a legal representative(s), the payment terms and the transfer/handover details.

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