Selling a property

Important decisions concerning the assessment and the sale of property should not be left to chance. Would you go to trial without a lawyer or fill out your tax return alone? Use the market and service competence of a professional broker.

We earn our money if the customer is satisfied with our service! For this reason we are also very proud of the numerous objects which we could successfully put on the market. We want to be better than expected and look forward to cooperating with you!

One usually makes the decision to buy or to sell a property not often in a lifetime.

One therefore should put such an important decision into the hands of an experienced service provider, who stands by your side and obtains the best possible result for you.

Speak with people who have already made positive experiences with brokers.

Which enterprise is the most active, which one is recommended again and again?

Which brokers provide information about market and prices?

Compare the Internet appearance of different brokers and their objects.

Make an appointment in the office of the broker. Did you like the ambiance and the presentation of the objects? Did the team seem trustworthy to you?

How is the advertised object presented regionally and supra-regionally? Is the strategy coordinated with the requirements of the seller?

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