Selling a property

Such important decisions like matters concerning all aspects of the valuation or sale of a property should not be left to chance. Would you attend to a court appointment without a lawyer, or come through a long illness without consulting a medical specialist? Use the market and service skills of a professional real estate agent.

We earn our money, if you are satisfied with our service! For this reason we are also very proud of the numerous properties we have been able to place successfully on the Munich property market over the last 15 years. We want to be even better than expected, and look forward to working in close collaboration with!

How do I find the right agent?

Deciding to buy or sell a property usually only happens to us once or twice in our lives. Consequently we should hand over such an important decision to an experienced service provider, who will be at our side throughout and will achieve the best possible result for us.

In order to find a suitable partner for searching for or selling a property, you should note the following:

Compare the internet sites of different agents and their properties.

Arrange an appointment at an agent’s office. Did you like the ambience and display of properties? Did the team seem trustworthy to you?

Is the agent a member of one of the large associations (e. g. The Association of German Real Estate Agents [IVD])?

Ask them to show you different sales’ exposés. Do they correspond with your requirements? Do they include properties comparable with yours?

Talk to people who have already had positive experiences with agents. Which company is the most active, and which is recommended over and over again?

Also take into account the advertising section. Who continually advertises in your section of the market? Which advertisements do you find quite remarkable?

How is property advertising presented regionally and nationally? Is the strategy coordinated with sellers’ requirements?

Check the qualifications of your contacts. How good is their knowledge of the market? How good is the supply of services, from the sending out of offers and viewing appointments, to negotiating contracts and handing over of properties.

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