Selling a property

Such an important decision as evaluating or selling a property should never just be left to chance.

Would you attend your court appearance without a lawyer or fill in your tax declaration alone? Use the market and service expertise of a professional broker.

We earn our money when the customer is satisfied with our services! We are therefore very proud of the many properties that we have successfully been able to place on the market. We want to be even better than expected and look forward to working with you!

How do I find the right broker?

Buying or selling a property is normally a once-in-a-lifetime decision. You should therefore seek the help of an experienced service provider who will give you all the support you need and will bring about the best possible result.

To find the right partner to assist you with selling or searching for a property, you should always take the following into consideration:

Talk to people who already have positive experiences with property brokers. Which company is the most active and which keeps getting recommended?

Take the level of advertising into consideration, too. Which company has a constant advertising presence in your market segment? Which adverts did you find striking?

Compare the Internet presence of different brokers, and their properties.

Make an appointment to meet with the broker at their office. Did you like the atmosphere and how the properties were presented? Did you find the team trustworthy?

Check how qualified the person you speak to is: How good is their knowledge of the market? Evaluate the quality of the services offered – from when you get the quote right up to the viewing and when the property is handed over.

How do adverts portray the property – both in your region and beyond? Is the strategy tailored to the seller’s wishes?

Ask to see different property overviews. Do they match your wishes? Are any of the properties similar to the ones that you are interested in?

We hope that you will successfully find the right broker for you!

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