Selling a property in Milan

Important decisions such as the evaluation and sale of a property should not be left to chance. First of all, no one would appear in court without being accompanied by a lawyer or play the stock market without review by an accountant. The call is therefore to exploit the know-how and service that the real estate agency provides. Just tell us what your needs are and find the solution for you.
As with all service companies, the ultimate customer satisfaction is our only guarantee for success.
We aim to be the best and we are humbly proud of our real estate portfolio and of the enormous number of properties we’ve got to deal with. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. We look forward to.

Why choose an agent?

This is a question which comes across anyone who works in the real estate market – buyers and owners. How to obtain the best results.

For some the decision to buy or sell a property is a unique event in life. Anyone, in fact, han an interest in selling one’s own property as quickly as anyone who is interested in buying at a fair price. On the one hand the owner looking for a reliable buyer, on the other the buyer who wants to buy the best and lowest possible price. Both parties are therefore driven by a common denominator, trust, to be put in a professional agency’s service that can helèp them achieve their goals.

We have listed for you a list of criteria that should be helpful in choosing the agency that best meets your needs:

• Talk with people who have prevoiusly had positive experiences with an agency. What company or sales agent they chose and would recommend? What is the lead agency on the market today?

• Do not trust, however, the recommendations of others. Get your own personal idea and decide for yourself!

• Observe and study the local press to better understand what are the market prices. Which agency was used by the press itself as a source of information?

• Developments in the real estate market: which agent or agency has been conducting research?

• Take a look at advertising for the real estate market in your area. Which agency is most often found in the press? What advertising attracts your attention more?

• Consider the offers of the agency specialized in the local market. Which is the one that is especially attractive in the “sub-market”?

• Compare the websites of the various agencies and their real estate offers. Do they meet your requirements regarding location and price?

• What were your impressions on the first date in the agency? Didi you feel comfortable? The staff was friendly? What impression did on you the agent or team that has helped you? The information provided were comprehensive and professional?

• Ask the agent why he/she believes his/her agency is the best choice for you.

• Check the professionalism of the agency. Are they informede? Do they keep their word? Are they friendly and communicative? Do they seem sincere and honest? Are they focused on your demands and needs?

• Look at the entire spectrum of services provided: sending the offers by email, cleanrness in descriprion of details of the property, in drawing up contracts and marketing strategies focused on the property.

• Get to explain exhaustively advertising strategies. Your property will be made only on the local market or abroad? The marketing strategies are random or targeted? Is a supervision required to the seller?

• Ask for a copy of the exposés of the offers currently for sales and see if there are in this portfolio properties similar to yours or to those that you are possibly looking for.

• Clients looking for a property should choose an agency specialized in the area of interenst. Ask about the terms of the contract, explain your desires and needs in every detail. Make sure there is plenty of time dedicated to be more exhaustive as possible. Clearer the idea that the agent has, more and faster your chances of finding the right property.

• Owners should ask the agent for a further meeting, preferably within the same household that they are planning to sell.

• Tell the agent if you are interested in obtaining basic information or you intend to reach a written agreement. only if the agent is aware of your intentions it will be possible to best prepare for the meeting with you.

• Determine if this request is a paid service.

• Provide all necessary documents to the agent so that a comprehensive documentation of all material respects can be completed. MAke sure you have enough time for this important meeting.

• Do not say the price you would wish to sell the property at but do ask the agent information and advice on what would be the market price. Give sufficient time to the agent to study it. Rember that undervaluing you will lose money, but you will lose it even if the property had premium!

• Let the agent give reasons about the price, either verbally or in writing. Do not be fooled by a high price, listn attentively to his/her explanations. The criteria that a competent agent should be considering are the current market price, the right target for the property and the compounding period.

• Make sure you will be regularly informed by the agent during the sales process: in the presence of a valid bid, about the level of trading reached, about further activities that will be planned and whether any interested customers have been followed up seriously. Ask the agent details. Make sure that in addition to conventional marketing tools – posters, internet and press – all the regional, national and international ways have been used (for example, using instruments of international cooperation and synergies). How large is the network through which your agency operates or carries out its marketing strategies?

• Commission a single agency and consultant for a limited period of time. Only an agent aware of the fact that his/her agency will be the only one, invest a greater amount of time and money promoting your property.

• If you give more than one agency you are diminishing the uniqueness of your property and then devaluing it to the eyes of potential buyers. In fact, they may be confused or nervous finding the same property advertised in may different ways, or if they were approached twice by different agencies.

• Each city has a large number of properties but not all are actually qualified. To avoid any disappointment, please take time to look around and find the right agency that meets your needs.

Remember – the agent’s manners toward you are a useful indicator of how your property will be presented.

We wish you much luck with the agency you will choose!

The Engel & Völkers Milano Team

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