Selling a property

Selling a propertyWhether you’re expanding your property portfolio, looking to move up the property ladder or simply downsizing with an empty nest, selling your home is always a complex process. Organising the sale yourself and marketing your own home is rarely advisable, which makes finding a good real estate agent one of the most crucial parts of ensuring that the sale is conducted swiftly and ends agreeably for both parties.

There will always be multiple real estate agents operating in any given region, making it harder than you might expect to make a decision on which company or individual to choose. Although all estate agents operate within industry standards, inevitably some will be superior to others, and it’s important that you’re able to determine which ones these are.

Before you make a decision about any real estate agents, you should make an effort to speak to anyone you know who’s recently either sold their house or invested in some new property. Try to find out which companies took the approach best suited to your needs, and then do a bit of internet research to identify the market leaders in your area.

Although advice can help guide you, remember that the ultimate decision rests with you, so make notes on everything to ensure that decision is as well informed as possible. These should cover everything from your gut feelings based on websites and any meetings, as well as press reports concerning your region’s property market and which estate agents are collecting and publishing the research.

It’s also a good idea to pay close attention to the property section of your local newspaper and see which estate agents are consistently advertising new properties, and which adverts catch your eye. These real estate agencies are obviously getting a good amount of business, for all of the right reasons so they’re worth finding out more about.

Similarly, once you’ve found a couple of estate agents that seem to have everything that you’re looking for, it’s important to get back online and compare their online presence in more depth. Make a note of the type of property that they’re selling and the prices that they tend to deal with on average. Scrutinise any real estate agency’s social media activity as well, as this is becoming an increasingly effective way to market property and is invaluable when it comes to reaching a wider audience. You can learn more than you’d think from a 140-character tweet, so spend the time online to get a good impression of your potential agency.

It might seem tempting to commission more than one company to market your property after putting so much time into doing all of this research, but this is an excellent way to confuse any potential buyers and put them off. You could also affect your chances of getting the best price for your property as well, with unscrupulous agents liable to give unrealistic figures in order to secure the commission. An overestimated value can hurt your listing; so don’t be swayed by the highest figure.

If you’re still not sure about which real estate company to go with then why not visit our website to find out more about the services we offer? Engel & Völkers have years of experience, and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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